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By July 2nd, 2014

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4DGM – geodynamic model of Australia
Dam Ea$Y – tool that assists cane growers to optimise on-farm water storage facilities for supplementary irrigation
DarfreshRvacuum – packaging that allows for consumer portions of meat to be centrally packaged and shipped to domestic or export markets
DARLAM (Division of Atmospheric Research Limited Area Model) – model that studies the emission and transport of trace gases in the atmosphere – See Specialised weather forecasting service (Service)
DataChain – pre-processing software package
DataPlus – software that pre-processes experimental data and then acts as a front end to Genstat
Deep Drainage Meter – instrument used for measuring the soil water potential in the range 0 to -100 cm of soil; developed in conjunction with the Grains Research & Development Corporation – See Developing technologies and products (CSIRO Land and Water)
DELTA taxonomic computer programs – software; records and processes taxonomic descriptions
DELTA-T Scan – name changed from SCI SCAN; Licensed to Delta-T Devices
DEMON – leaf measuring index instrument
DenimWool – denim and wool mix fabric (Tencel wool)
Dennis – variety of wheat cultivars resistant to stem, stripe and leaf rusts – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
DEPDMT (Discrete Event Process Design and Modeling Toolkit) – software
Desert Rose – experimental resins for solar car provided by CSIRO
DesignCheck™ – software, automated code checking system that enables quick and easy compliance assessment against building codes
Diagnostic test for Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
Diagnostic test for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) – same-day competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using recombinant antibodies; can differentiate vaccinated from infected animals
Die Casting Defects Chart – ADCA/CSIRO chart available for purchase from ADCA
Dietary Analysis Package – dietary analysis software
Diffraction gratings – for use as dispersing elements in spectroscopic instruments; required for the manufacture of complete atomic absorption instruments by Techtron Pty Ltd; the masters were ruled on CSIRO engines constructed in the 1950s and 1960s and the replicas produced by a process developed by DA Davies. In the 1970s, methods for the production of diffraction gratings by holography were developed with the master gratings being produced at CSIRO and replicated for commercial use by Varian Techtron Pty Ltd – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
Digital Elevation Model – model that will give the Bureau of Meteorology a reliable definition of stream networks and catchment boundaries needed to calculate water movement through the landscape; provides fine scale terrain detail
Disc PermeaMeter – instrument that accurately measures movement of water through a uniform and permeable surface
DISEASEpak – part of a comprehensive information manual on cotton nutrition and advice on fertiliser management – See FIBREpak introduction (Cotton Catchment Communities)
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors – provide accurate long-term measurements under a wide range of wastewater and environmental conditions; marketed by Greenspan Technology
Diversity – software, samples phylogenetic and environmental diversity – See BioRap
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) – is a transponder-based radio navigation technology used in every airliner in the world; developed by Brian Cooper in the mid 1940s, it measures distance by timing the propagation delay of VHF or UHF radio signals – See Radar
DMT (Desktop Modeling Toolkit)
DMT CastFlow – die casting, runner and gating design software
DMT CasTherm – 3D die casting design software
Double Impact Battery – new design of valve-regulated lead-acid battery specifically for use in hybrid electric vehicles – See Low emission vehicles
Drainage Meter – remotely monitors deep drainage and relays the data direct to farmers
DrenchPlan – integrated worm parasite management program
DrenchRite – test for drench resistance – See Warfare on resistant worms, 1996 (Media Release)
DroughtPlan – grazier-based strategies for managing climatic variability (drought)
Drysdale – a water-efficient wheat variety bred for dry conditions
DST (Dynamic Stiffener Tester) – instrument that measures the stiffness of corrugated boxes and can be used to monitor and minimise damage that may occur during the manufacturing process
Duet – the Kvaerner Multiphase Meter for measuring individual flow rates of oil, water and gas – See Australian Flowmeter for North Sea Oil, 1999 (Media Release)
Dymex – software for a powerful user-friendly modeling program
Dysphagia Sensor – fibre-optic sensors (catheter) which detects differences in pressure along patient’s oesophagus when swallowing


3D scanning technology – three-dimensional image file provides object’s surface shape and texture and can be incorporated into designs of new mass market flatbed scanners, fax machines or photocopiers
DAC (Differential Aberration Correction) Microscopy – aimed at bridging the gap between the resolution achieved by FRET in the 1-10 nm range and that of conventional diffraction limited microscopy beyond 300 nm
DataTraceDNA – anti-counterfeiting technology enabling a unique chemical substance to be incorporated into the molecular structure of a product to identify and authenticate it in a manner similar to a barcode; developed in agreement with DataDot Technology Limited
Direct Chrome Liquor Recycling – successfully adopted by Australian tanneries the process allows indefinite re-use of the tanning chrome liquor with considerable cost savings, and reductions in effluent chromium and salinity – See Tanning waste minimisation processes
Dried fruit processing – improved methods
Dry chlorination shrink-proofing – for woolen materials – See Softly® detergent
DSX (DirectSolventExtraction) – technology that achieves greater selectivity and a more efficient metal recovery process


DAD Drums and Display – operating system written by CSIRO staff for the CDC 3600 computer, installed in 1964. Subsystems were DAVE, MABEL, TED, RIOT.
ddRNAi – system for selective ‘silencing’ of targeted genes for ‘DNA Directed RNA interference’; commercialised by Benitec Ltd and the Queensland Dept of Primary Industries – See RNAi and Milestone Strategic Agreement to Commercialise Australian Biotech Innovation, 2003 (Media Release)
Devil – software system that supports two satellite transmission protocols: Service Argos (Argos-2) and Iridium Short Burst Data maintained and distributed by Turo Technology Pty Ltd of Hobart
Digital Imaging Network – system that takes an image from any digital or analogue source and creates a link via a web site, enabling collaborative discussion
DINS (Diagnostic Imaging Network System) – system that will transfer images to a central database accessible to veterinary pathologists across Australia; in collaboration with Acitecta Pty Ltd
Dragline Dutymeter System – an early warning system alerting operators in real time; also monitors and logs continuous wear and tear on the machine – See Safe and sustainable coal mining (Overview – Research)
DriCon – open-cycle air cooling system that is a refrigeration process
Dung beetle program and its contribution to sustainable agriculture
D-VASS (Dynamic-Vehicle Allocation and Scheduling System) – software, efficient booking system for car rental company THL Rentals Pty Ltd (Tourism Holdings Ltd)