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By July 2nd, 2014

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NanoHouse – house of the future built from a range of energy-saving materials developed using nanotechnology; partnership between CSIRO and UTS
NanoSunN – nano-sized transparent zinc oxide powders and customised dispersions for protection of the skin from harmful UVA/UVB radiation in cosmetic products such as hand and body lotions, moisturisers, baby products, lip products and makeup
Napier – Yannicum sub clover cultivar developed by the National Annual Pasture Legume Improvement Program
NatHERS – house energy rating system software; replaced by AccuRate – See Australia Advances – Series Four: Energy Efficient Houses
NCAS (National Carbon Accounting System Toolbox) – provides a set of tools for tracking greenhouse gas emissions and carbon stock changes from land use and management; it provides access to the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM), that is derived from Australia’s National Carbon Accounting System, and includes all supporting technical documentation; through the Toolbox, users can access: carbon accounting data for a range of plant species and land management systems; historic climate records; and search all technical reports relating to development of the NCAS (available on CD)
NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index ) – vegetation index software – See 3.5 years of global Vegetation Greenness data (CSIRO Earth Observation Centre)
Nemesis – breeding for worm resistance in Merino sheep; significantly reduces Australian farmers’ traditional reliance on drenching products in high rainfall areas – See Breeding sheep for sustainable worm control information sheet (Publication – Technical)
Nephelometer – a versatile optical fibre instrument for measuring turbidity in liquids; invented by Clive Coogan and manufactured in Australia by Selby Scientific and Medical Company. It was placed on the market in 1986.
NESSIE – software for designing constructed wetlands
NMP (Nuclear Microprobe) – an instrument designed and manufactured by CSIRO in the late 1990s – See Joint venture in sharp focus, 2002 (Media Release)
NoiseXPT-Rail – software for the estimation and control of noise generated by trains
No-Mow Grass – native grass (Hume wallaby grass) developed for the NSW Road Traffic Authority – See ‘No Mow’ to cut costs for ACT parks and gardens, 1993 (Media Release)
NORMAN – no-morphine poppy plant that produces thebaine and oripavine, compounds used in the manufacture of pain killers; developed in collaboration between CSIRO, ANU, Tasmanian Alkaloids, Institute for Plant Biochemistry and the University Halle – See Flexible pain relief with morphine-free poppy, 2004 (Media Release)
Novosorb™ biodegradable polymer – for multiple biomedical applications
NRM (Natural Resource Management) – software tool – See also Linking the landscape leaders: NRM and local government relationships in the Avon River Basin (Fact Sheet)
NUCOLOX – new concept in bowel health
NUE (Nitrogen-Use-Efficient) wheat and barley: the ‘NUE’ thing – wheat and barley varieties requiring as much as 50 % less fertiliser
NUMBAT – an 8-wheeled all terrain remotely controlled mine response vehicle for use in emergencies. See The NUMBAT (1990)
NutriAce – a model that predicts impacts of fertiliser strategy and climate variability on pasture production system
NutriLogic – See CottonLogic – fertiliser management software – See also Cotton management (Overview – Research)
NUTRIpak – part of a comprehensive information manual on cotton nutrition and advice on fertiliser management – See FIBREpak introduction (Cotton Catchment Communities)


NanoBang™ – quantitative lateral flow technique capable of determining the severity of a heart attack and the most effective response
Nanocomposite production
NEWGENSR – a process that produces synthetic rutile products exceeding 94 % titanium dioxide; developed in conjunction with Iluka Resources – See Mineral sands processing (Overview – Research)
NGCP – new pulse generation combustion technology that relies on sound waves to produce energy – See New combuster generates commercial heat, 2000 (Media Release)
NITA (Neutron Inelastic-scattering and Thermal-scatterring Analysis) – has the potential to create significant energy savings for the coal industry; works by firing neutrons at the target material (for example coal) and measuring the gamma rays emitted during the process
Nitroxide-mediated living radical polymerisation (NMP) – the first of the modern methods of controlling radical polymerisation; NMP has opened up enormous possibilities for specialty polymers useful in a wide range of applications


NEMSIM (National Electricity Market Simulator) – computer modeling system for power-generation companies to explore investment in extra generation capacity to meet future demand – See CSIRO gives energy generator companies the edge, 2005 (Media Release) and Modelling for the electricity market (Video)
NestEgg – a habitat improvement program to enhance and protect several endangered bird species; in cooperation with Murray Catchment Management Authority (MCMA) and landholders – See Designing conservation auctions for biodiversity outcomes in the Murray Catchment (Profile – Project)
NexSysTM – real-time risk management decision support system to be further developed by Mining Logic Solutions and trialled at the Grasstree mine; licensed to Mining Logic Solutions – See Mine safety system goes global, 2009 (Media Release)
Nickel deposits – new paradigms and exploration strategies
NP-Opt (Nitrogen Phosphorus Optimisation System) – a computer model that helps forest managers improve fertiliser efficiency by identifying the radiata pine stands most likely to respond to specific fertiliser strategies; developed in collaboration with Auspine, ForestrySA and Green Triangle Forest Products