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By July 2nd, 2014

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TAAM (Total Airspace and Airport Modeler) – a fast-time simulation tool, used worldwide by airlines, airports and civil aviation authorities to perform ‘what-if’ modelling – See CSIRO and Boeing’s thriving 27 year relationship
Take-all-Model – allows farmers to assess the impact of various management options for Take-all the major soil-borne disease of cereals in southern Australia
Tamiflu – oral anti-influenza drug – See Relenza™
Taminga – red wine grape variety developed in the 1970s – See Australia Advances – Series Twelve: True Blue Reds
TAMOT (TAsk Modeling Tool) – software
Tanalith Gold – timber preservative CCA-oil emulsion PROCCA; developed by CSIRO in conjunction with Koppers-Hickson Timber Preservation and marketed as Tanalith Gold, this gives the wood a light green colour – See The Back Fence: Bringing It Back, 1999 (Media Release)
TAPM (The Air Pollution Model) – software that tracks emissions from cities
Tarrango – red wine grape variety developed in the 1970s – See Australia Advances – Series Twelve: True Blue Reds
TaskPlan – task analysis software, helps companies streamline tasks – See Helping companies work smarter, 1999 (Media Release)
TAWS (Tool for Assessing Water Systems) – software, integrates water supply, wastewater and storm-water services into a single model – See TAWS for assessing alternative water systems
TED (Trust Extension Device) – a prototype portable device that will allow people to do business across the internet on any computer in a trusted manner
TED (Turtle exclusion Devices) – metal grids placed inside the trawl net; blocks the entry of larger sea-life, but allows prawns to pass through – See also Turtles escape trawls using TEDs (Achievement)
Temper – software, calculates air conditioning loads and temperatures
Tempest – an ultra-sensitive receiver towed below aircraft; detects minute magnetic fields induced in the earth by Tempest’s powerful electromagnetic pulse generator; used to explore for minerals such as gold, diamonds, nickel, copper, lead and zinc buried at depths up to 300 meters. Its ability to detect underground water and groundwater salinity also makes it a valuable environmental management tool. Developed by CRC AMET, commercialised by World Geoscience Corp Ltd – See World Leading Mineral Exploration System Takes Off, 1999 (Media release)
Tempo – software for demographic modeling of internal migration
Temporal Bone Surgical Simulator – virtual reality ear surgery simulator; a training tool licensed to Medic Vision Ltd who will market under name of Mediseus – See CSIRO, Medic Vision and University of Melbourne commercialise VR ear surgery training system, 2006 (Media Release)
Tender Pulse High Voltage Electrical Stimulator Unit – an instrument for electrical stimulation of beef; licensed to HE Technologies
Tennant – wheat cultivar resistant to stem, stripe and leaf rust – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
TermiMesh – termite barrier product
Terra – a low maintenance leather boot that is waterproof yet breathable, and is made from cow and kangaroo skin – See Australia Advances – Series Five: These Boots are made for Fightin’
TFS (Tourism Futures Simulator) – software, designed to assist regional tourism – See What If More People Drive To The Daintree? – Tourism Simulator Helps Town Planning, 1998 (Media Release)
THEMAP (Hyperspectral Environmental Mapping Applications Paradigm)
Thermocouple Sheath – an instrument that uses a metal thermal window at the sensing end of a ceramic pyrometric tube
ThermoData – software, a databank of thermodynamic data
Thermosplicer – facilitates the Sirospun process and efficient splicing of wool yarns in general; allows the replacement of knots by splices which are more reliable and generally do not require removal from the fabric during mending; improves weaving efficiency as well as reducing mending costs; licensed to Schlafhorst – See Solospun™ The Long Staple weavable singles yarn (CSIRO textile and Fibre Technology)
Thickener Interface Gauge – a probe to measure naturally occurring mineral radioactivity at different levels within the tank; commercialised by Amdel Ltd (now Thermo Gamma-metrics Pty Ltd)
Thin Film Measurement Instrument – for quality control of automatic coating process
Tick1 and Tick2 – climate driven model that simulates cattle tick populations – See New machine measures coating thickness, 2001 (Media Release)
TickGard – cattle tick vaccine; builds up antibodies in the blood of cattle which work on the tick when ingested – See ‘New vaccines offer disease protection potential’, Farming Ahead, 142: 57-59
TIDA (Tree Identification and Delineation Algorithm) – of tree crowns in high spatial resolution remotely sensed imagery
Timber Expert – software to assist with utilising Standards Australia Timber Codes
TimberLife – software that tells asset managers, designers, engineers and builders the likely lifespan of a timber construction, in any climatic zone, enabling them to predict with accuracy the performance of new or planned buildings – See Timber lifespan can be predicted with greater accuracy, 2006 (Media Release)
Timbrs – suite of algorithms developed to automatically count and delineate the crowns of individual trees visible in high spatial resolution remotely sensed imagery
TimeRite – information package that gives woolgrowers the ability to limit losses associated with red-legged earth mite; handled by Australian Wool innovation – See Time it right to smite the mite, 2000 (Media Release)
TIPS (Thermal Infrared Profile Spectrometer)
Titaniq – geothermometer that measures quantitative cathode luminescence to determine trace elements in quartz
TML (Thesaural Markup Language)
TOPAZ (Technique for the Optimum Placement of Activities into Zones) – computer model
TOPAZ-SUCO – computer model for integrated urban water management
TopMaker – software, yarn specifications; licensed to ASTM Ltd
TopMet – software for building and facility layout optimisation
TOPOG – software for soil and water movement – See also TOPOG: Out of the woods and into the world, 1997 (Media Release)
TopSoil – a by-product, soil conditioner produced from the cleaning process of a sheep’s fleece; manufactured by Geelong Wool Combing Ltd
TopSpin – key algorithms from prediction software Yarnspec; licensed to ASTM Ltd
TOROPT design package for atoric and aspheric single vision spectacle lenses – software developed in the 1990s; used by SOLA International, one of the largest Optical Lens Companies in the world – See Spectacle lens design and Mathematical modelling for optical lens design (Achievement)
Total Wellbeing Diet book – preventative health
TPM (TelPresence Microscopy) – software that enables scientists to operate a microscope thousands of kilometres away; the intuitive interface allows the user to operate the microscope as though they were actually standing by the instrument itself – See More access to million dollar microscopes, 2000 (Media Release)
TPX (Technology platform X) – software-based radio receiver using digital down converters for use in radio based analysers for the minerals and process industries. Intalysis is funding development of a specific configuration for their moisture analysers.
Transyt – software, network model of advisory speed signs
Trecor™ (Routine Extraction of Cores) – an advanced wood corer, used in association with Silviscan™ rapid wood analysis
TreDat – database, links trial results for Australian species of eucalypts and acacias with climate and soil, tree spacing and fertilisers – See Commercial Environmental Forestry: Integrating trees into landscapes for multiple benefits (CSIRO – SCION)
Tree Planting Auger – an instrument for tractor-mounted or hand-operated use in situations where a post-hole digger is inadequate
Trident™ – functional chewing gum for application in oral healthcare; contains a casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate ingredient as the active component – See Dairy products for improved human health
Trifecta – lucerne cultivar
TrigenAir – a system that replaces traditional air conditioning systems, reduces CO2 emissions and improves the load factor for electricity networks – See Greenhouse gas reduction in cooling and heating (Solution)
TRIPS (Traveller Itinerary Planning System) – on-line software; commercialised by Viator Systems – See New system to help plan the perfect trip, 1999 (Media Release)
TRITRAM (Traveller Information and Traffic Management) – traffic network simulation model – See New Computer Software to Smarten-Up Traffic, 1999 (Media Release)
TruckCost – software that estimates the costs of logging trucks
TruScan – a pen-like probe that can detect cervical cancer, developed by Polartechnics Ltd – See also Australian cancer device in world trials, 2001 (Media Release)
Truss – software, space truss analysis
TSA (The Spectral Assistant™) – software that quickly and reliably identifies the constituent minerals of a rock sample from its PIMA spectra; is at the heart of another CSIRO package, The Spectral Geologist , which is marketed commercially and has been sold to mineral exploration companies throughout the world
TSG (The Spectral Geologist) – software for the analysis, visualisation and integration of visible and infrared spectroscopic data of rocks, soils and minerals; used by companies for both exploration and mining; marketed by AusSpec International Pty Ltd – See also Hyperspectral imaging for analysing materials (Overview – Research)
TSSA (The Spatial Spectral Assistant®) – a spatial version of spectral identification software package, The Spectral Assistant, for use with hyperspectral images
Tube Eccentricity Measurement System – a machine that measures, on-line, wall thickness and its orientation, for manufacturers or tubes and pipes
Tuhillah – grape variety
TwinSplicer – creates virtually invisible splices in yarns; developed along with Thermosplicer™ as a direct result of the need to have robust and near invisible splices in Sirospun yarns that would survive the weaving process; (licensed to Savio) – See Solospun™ The Long Staple Weavable Singles Yarn (CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology)
Tyrian – wine grape variety – See True Blue Reds (2001)


T6I4 – novel heat treatment which strengthens aluminium alloy composites and displays massive increased in damage tolerance
T6I6 – heat treatment process where after several hours of secondary aging at ambient temperature, the material is again subjected to high temperature aging
Test for Dark and Medullated Wool Fibre – high-speed, automated, inexpensive pre-sale test for dark and medullated fibre contamination caused by the introduction of coloured sheep breeds for meat production; developed in a CSIRO and AWTA collaboration; results in cost reduction from $150 to $40 per test, a saving for woolgrowers – See Objective measurement of wool
TiRO™ – process for the production of pure titanium metal
T-Mag™ casting technology – a new breakthrough technology for casting magnesium, that will help promote the use of magnesium in the automotive industry and allow casting of more complex designs; also has applications in the telecommunications and aerospace industries – See also New technology for casting magnesium automotive components (Profile – Project)
Toyobo – technology for high temperature matrix/composite development
TRC (Twin Roller Casting) – process that produces near-net-shape low cost magnesium sheet
Tris Lipidation – See Lipidation
TSF (Total Scanning Fluoroescence) – a technique that provides fluorescence fingerprints (three-dimensional excitation-emission spectra) for oil, surface and oil inclusion extracts from rock samples; provides an accurate method to detect the presence of crude oils in the drilling process and in distinguishing crude oil from contaminants in drilling cuttings
TurboFlotation – technology for extraction of fine coal particles faster and cheaper than conventional methods – See More coal – faster, cheaper and cleaner, 1999 (Media Release)
2-WAY PED (Personal Emergency Device) – reliable two-way communication technology between underground miners and the surface; formerly called MineCom; licensed to mine Site Technologies – See CSIRO and Mine Site Technologies join for safer mines, 2007 (Media Release)


Taxiway Monitoring Unit (TMU) – uses laser rangefinder cameras to measure aircraft’s lateral deviation from the taxiway centre-line, as well as its speed and type of aircraft; based at Sydney Airport
TBS-TC (Trap Barrier System plus Trap Crop) – rodent control system where crop plot planted earlier than surrounding crops acts as a lure crop for rat-catching device – See Rodent management in lowland rice production in the Red River delta, Vietnam (CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)
TEMS (Tube Eccentricity Measurement System) – makes on-line measurements of the eccentricity and minimum wall thickness and its orientation – See Detecting eccentric tubes, 2001 (Media Release)
TMC (Temperature Match Conditioning) System – state-of-the-art integrated temperature match conditioning system capable of simulating in-situ curing temperatures
Traceable T-Bones – trace-back computer system records data about animals as they enter the abattoir – See Aussie know-how makes Japanese meat safer, 2004 (Media Release)
Trayscan System – automated system which measures volume of material in trays of haul-trucks using laser-scanning technology; licensed to Transcale