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By July 2nd, 2014

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XENA (X-belt Elemental Nuclear Analyser) – on-line analyser for the cement industry; accurately measure the concentrations of calcium, silicon, aluminium, iron and minor elements independent of both horizontal and vertical segregation and independent of changes in belt loading
xNTD (Extended New technology Demonstrator) – an Australian designed instrument in the development of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
X-ray camera adaptor for high temperature use – developed in the Division of Chemical Physics in the mid 1940s and early 1950s – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
XRD – on-line analyser for cement industry; measures the composition and mineralogy of finished product cement in real time and on-line. It is based on X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques and Rietveld analytical methods.
XSpectra – software modules for visualising, interpreting, plotting, processing, importing and exporting spectra
XUM – imaging and tomography instrument for microscopic specimens; commercialised by XRT Ltd and Gatan


X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging – uses X-ray microscopes and X-ray phase-contrast imaging techniques to directly image the internal microstructures of even opaque and multi-layer objects. This work arguably constitutes the most fundamental physics-based advance in the exploitation and interpretation of X-rays for imaging in medicine, industry and science, since the pioneering work of Rontgen in 1895 – See also New X-ray microscope for science and industry, 2006 (Media Release)


XRDF – ‘online’ slurry analysis system that combines XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and XRD (X-ray diffraction) technologies – See New analyser cuts complexity (Solution) and New analysers to unlock mineral value, 2009 (Media Release)