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By July 2nd, 2014

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Hallmark – lucerne cultivar
Haptic – software for handling complex 3D data, places 3D stereo graphics, audio and haptic force-feedback, displays of data in user’s immediate working space
HCA-Vision – software for cytomics – an automated image analysis software package that rapidly and reproducibly measures functional features of neuronal cells in 2D images
HDC (Horizontal Direct Chill) casting machine – See Developing innovative casting technologies (Capability)
HDI (Health Data Integration) – software to improve the security of private health-care data with new software that interrogates patient health records
Headloop PCR – a novel method for the detection of DNA methylation for the molecular diagnosis of cancer
HeNGas – Helium gas analytical system measures noble gas concentrations in water
HIC (Harrison Image Compression) – software based on CLICK technology, compresses colour image files to about 1/300th of their original size for storage so they take up less disk space, can be stored in great numbers and retrieved quickly
HI Cells (Hollow Inclusion Stress Cell) – instrument, for triaxial stress measurement in rock; distributed by Mindata Ltd
High Temeperature Smoke Meter – instrument that measures the optical density of smoke, predicts when people would have trouble finding escape routes within a burning building; manufactured by DBCE
Hi-Maize – resistant starch product which acts as a probiotic; in conjunction with Goodman Fielder Ingredients and the CRC for Food Industry Innovation – See Starch research leads to healthier foods, 1997 (Media Release)
Holdfast – seed retaining cultivar of phalaris, an introduced temperate perennial grass for sheep and beef production; has lower alkaloid levels to avoid the risk of phalaris staggers – See Choosing phalaris (CSIRO plant Industry) and New light shed on phalaris toxicity, June 2006 (Farming Ahead)
HoseLink – a complete garden watering kit, marketed by Yates – See Cure for the drips, 1999 (Media Release)
HOSPIM – software, hospital planning
Hospitals Without Walls – technology for home monitoring of elderly patients
HotCross – software, predicting cattle breeding performance – See Cattle data base set for predictions, 1996 (Media Release)
HOTOIL – software, distributed searching tool for information repositories including Internet; reduces information overload by providing single interface which simultaneously searches heterogeneous databases
House Water Expert software – simple game to tell home owners how they use water and how much they can change that usage
HP ALTA (High-Pressure Automatic Lag Time Apparatus) – instrument to record time and temperature of hydrates and factor risk into a pipeline’s formation – See Gas hydrates (Overview – Research)
HSM (House Survival Meter) – an instrument that provides a guide to the probability of a house surviving a bushfire based on six significant factors; designed by AAG Wilson in 1987; commercialised by Styrox (Aust) Pty Ltd
HVFTS (High Volume Fleece Testing System) – equipment
HybTik – software, tick hybrid sterility effects
HyChips™ – voluminous spectral mineralogy of drill chips for explorers and miners
Hydra – software for planning water quality management in Hawkesbury-Nepean region of New South Wales
Hydraulic fracturing in mining instrumentation and equipment – the fracturing equipment system was designed, built, and delivered by CSIRO. Improvements over time included a new straddle packer system, a downhole packer inflation valve and an integrated instrumented pumping system.
Hydrogen Fluoride Monitor – advanced laser-based instrument provides a continuous and accurate measurement of trace concentrations of hydrogen fluoride gas in smelter pot rooms; was licensed to Dynamic Light (now known as SBL Technologies P/L)
HydroLOGIC – software, manages irrigation water by optimising water use and yield – See FIBREpak introduction (Cotton Catchment Communities)
HyMap – aircraft-mounted hyperspectral imaging instrument that detects and identifies minerals from the unique wavelengths of light; developed by previous CSIRO Materials Science team (now Optical Engineering Associates) in collaboration with Integrated Spectronics Ltd – See Spectral sensing technologies (Overview – Research)
Hyperspectral remote sensing instruments – capable of mapping the minerals on the Earth’s surface in the field, from the air (and eventually from space) in much more detail. Instruments included the PIMA field spectrometer, the unique airborne CO2 laser spectrometer (MIRACO2LAS), the SWIPS Fourier transform spectrometer and the TIPS Fourier transform spectrometer. This was the beginning of an increased focus that continues to the present day, on remote sensing systems designed specifically for the needs of the geosciences – See Remote sensing
HySSIL™ – a revolutionary aerated cement-based product; developed in conjunction with CMR Energy technologies (CMRET); licensed to HysSSIL Pty Ltd


Hair-saving unhairing process – replaced the conventional unhairing of hides, called liming, developed in the early 1980s and previously referred to as the SiroLime process it has been widely adopted around the world due to the major environmental benefits – See Tanning waste minimisation processes
Heat Pulse Sensor – technology that allows horticulturists to determine when trees need water; gives land managers information about expected effects of tree planting on local water tables; Greenspan then made substantial improvements to the original prototype and co-developed the commercial device
Hercosett – shrink proofing process
High Solids Paint – technology, with Boeing; definition of operational windows for paint application to achieve optimum performance
High-speed wool carding process
HIPS (Hybrid Inorganic Polymer System) – fireproof-coatings
HIsmelt a revolutionary new ironmaking process developed by Rio Tinto Group in collaboration with CSIRO – See also Minerals industry moving towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions (Fact Sheet)
HIT (Hidden Image Technology) – digital encoding and encryption of hidden images; maximum security is achieved with laser and ultra-high resolution embossing methods – See Security: counterfeiters face hidden traps (CSIRO SOLVE)
Holographic process for the production of master diffraction gratings for atomic absorption spectrometers – developed by McNeil; masters were produced at CSIRO Chemical Physics and replicated for commercial use by Varian Techtron
HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) – a revolutionary CSIRO heat treatment process for HPDC of aluminium that enables production of car components with doubled mechanical strength, higher fatigue resistance and improved energy absorption
HPP (High Pressure Processing) – technology that improves the way fruit juices and other food products are pasteurised – See Fresher O.J. (2002) and Putting the squeeze on long-life orange juice, 2001 (Media release)
HPU (High Power Ultrasonics) for Soil Remediation – a high pressure ultrasonic cavitation process for breaking down persistent organic pollutants in contaminated soil
HVFA (High Volume Fly Ash) concrete – process that turns industrial waste into a useful component
Hydraulic fracturing in mining – technology that enables the controlled caving of roof rock in coal mines and block caving in metal mines and preconditioning of ore before mining to enhance its caveability and reduce fragment sizes
Hydrocyclone technology – package for removing heavy solids from wool scour effluent
Hydrodec – technology that restores electrical performance of used transformer oils and destroys any PCBs they contain; also destroys organochlorines extracted from contaminated soils and a broad range of persistent organic pollutants including dioxins, pesticides, herbicides and petrochemical waste; can also be applied to advanced processes for the production of aluminium and magnesium metals, which produce toxic waste and for which there has so far been no viable treatment option; developed with Transgrid; was owned by Virotec, acquired by Verteco in November 2004. When combined with thermal desorption processes CSIRO research has shown that Hydrodec could also be used for the treatment of contaminated soils – See Hydrodec (2004).
HydroMax – technology that produces hydrogen from low-cost carbon sources including garbage; developed in conjunction with Alchemix
HySSIL™ – technology for the production of high-strength, structural, insulative, lightweight concrete panels


HALO – geochemical exploration method to find gold and other mineral deposits – See Scientists Hailed For $5 Billion Gold Discoveries, 1997 (Media Release) and Regolith geochemistry for mineral exploration
High Temperature Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) for Transient Electro-Magnetic (TEM) mineral prospecting – development commenced in 1991, was trialled by BHP-Billiton and following their withdrawal from further development, systems were built in collaboration with Falconbridge, a Canadian mining company – See LANDTEM™
HORTA (Honeywell Ore Recovery and Tunnelling Aid) – navigation system
HyChips™ – a robotic spectrometer system for the rapid non-destructive determination of selected mineralogy derived from high quality reflectance spectra of drill chips and blast-hole samples in their original trays
HyLogger – automated robotic spectrometer and imaging system for logging drill cores – See CSIRO and Rio Tinto take a closer look at iron ore, 2007 (Media Release)
HyLogging™ – tools that improve the efficiency, productivity and objectivity of logging by using reflectance spectroscopy to log the mineralogy of drill cores and chips
HyMod (Hybrid modular) System – software, that passes streams of digital video data between modules by using high speed serial data transmission – See CSIRO helping to keep all eyes on the road, 2005 (Media Release)