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By July 2nd, 2014

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O2OPTIX™ – flexible use contact lenses – See Extended wear contact lenses
OARS (Operational Airborne Research Spectrometer) – instrument – See The sky’s the limit for new CSIRO spinoff, 2001 (Media Release)
Ocean glider – remotely controlled, deep ocean-going robotic submarine designed to play a central role in measuring changes in two of Australia’s most influential ocean currents
OCEANMAG™ – a technology that allows traditional controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) exploration techniques for marine hydrocarbons to extend into shallow water; delivers magnetic tensor gradiometry (the rate of change of the strength of the magnetic field), detects the sources of magnetic field noise and predicts what the electric field noise would be. This predicted noise is subtracted from the CSEM signal enhancing the signal to noise ratio and giving explorers greater power to predict where marine hydrocarbon resources are. See Exploring under the sea floor with OCEANMAG™.
Oceans-EEZ – a planning and design software tool for ocean analysis – See Links Page – Division of Marine Research Data Centre
OCTOSON – an ultrasound scanner for images of body organs; manufactured and distributed by Ausonics
OLR (On-line rheometer) – instrument capable of measuring the visco-elastic properties of fluids under flow conditions
OMNI – a new machine that measures coating thickness as they are being applied
On-Line Filter Bag Monitoring System – an instrument that monitors gas flow and dust emissions in large pulse-jet filters
OPTI (Offset Printing Thickness Instrument) – non-contrast sensor that measures thickness of the dampening solution – See also Stop press! Ink revolution, 2000 (Media Release)
Optical fibre cables containing pure liquids – developed by Graeme Ogilvie in the late 1960s, it is the foundation of the substantial Australian optical fibre cable industry, which exists today
Optical fibre pulling machine – developed by Graeme Ogilvie in the 1960s for fibre optics research; later installed at Scientific Glass and Engineering Pty Ltd, where it was used to manufacture glass capillary columns for gas chromatographs, an Australian product exported worldwide
OPTIM™ Fine ‘silky’ wool fibres – now marketed as Arcana™ – See OPTIM™ fibre processing
OPTIM™ Max ‘bulky’ wool fibres – now marketed as Arcana™ – See OPTIM™ fibre processing
Optus-B – satellite spot beam antenna – See AUSSAT-B and other antenna research
OSP 130 (Optical Surface Profiler) – software that measures profiles of master tooling used in coin minting process – See CSIRO scores a double in export race, 1994 (Media Release)
OUTMAP – software that identifies genetic ‘markers’ linked to growth rate, wood quality and disease resistance
Ovine SNP50 BeadChip – pinpoints the small genetic differences which produce a variety of commercially important traits in sheep; developed in association with the ISGC – See also Cattle and sheep genome project and CSIRO to take the guess work out of breeding sheep (Audio)
Oxygen Probe – an instrument capable of measuring oxygen concentrations from 100% down to 0.1% – See Probe to make mine waste safer, 2001 (Media Release)
OxyMix – a simple, compact and inexpensive device to mix oxygen and atmospheric air for premature babies – joint project between NASCOR Biomedical devices and CSIRO – See New device to help premature babies, 2003 (Media Release)
OzClim – software that generates climate change scenarios and simulates potential climate change impacts on the environment and primary production for regions of Australia
OZCOT – a cotton simulation model; used in the software package HydroLOGIC for managing irrigation water use – See Cotton irrigation software saves water, 2003 (Media Release)
Oz Insight – software, usenet client/server solution brings speed and convenience to users and ISPs – See Faster, better, cheaper newsgroups, 2000 (Media Release)


OADV – an innovative, proprietary gene delivery technology based on ovine adenovirus (OAdV) to potentially manage and treat a range of cancers and infectious diseases; Business agreement with Biotech Equity Partners P/L managed by pharmaBank
OCEANMAG – a method that delivers magnetic tensor gradiometry (the rate of change of the strength of the magnetic field)
OMI™ (Oil Migration Intervals) – a log analysis algorithm to determine buoyancy and capillary controls in reservoirs in order to assess oil accumulation and location
OPTIM™ fibre processing – technology for wool fibres
OptiScan Imaging – imaging technology developed at CSIRO involving miniaturisation of the confocal microscope by use of fibre optics; commercialised by the Australian listed company Optiscan


OAURS (Opto-Acoustic Underwater Remote Sensing) – an experimental system for rapid, large-area depth measurements in coastal waters, many of which are turbid – See Probing the depths of coastal waters: opto-acoustic underwater remote sensing (Profile – Project) and Probing the depths while staying high and dry, 2009 (Audio)
Online Dark Speck Detector for Nonwovens – a continuous computerised inspection system that provides accurate quality assurance in the production of nonwoven healthcare fabrics; commissioned by Textor Textile Technologies in 2007
OzEcco – an embodied energy model, developed to integrate the physical and economic systems of Australia, to explore how sustainability and economic planning goals impact on each other – See 30 million trees for car fuel, greenhouse cuts, 2000 (Media Release)