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By July 2nd, 2014

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Lactoferrin ingredient – a biologically-active protein derived from whey using CSEP technology, has application as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and potentially, anti-cancer and anti-osteoporosis agent – See Dairy products for improved human health
LAIRD (Local Area Impacts of Retail Developments) – software for planning retail developments
LambAlive – software, assesses the risk of lamb losses from bad weather
LAMM (Local Area Microcomputer Mapping) – software, displays and manipulates spatial data for any specified areas as a multi-coloured map display
LandAssess – software for management of the monsoonal tall grass woodlands of northern Australia
Landmaster – Phalaris grass cultivar for marginal soils – See Choosing phalaris (CSIRO plant Industry)
LANDTEM™ – a highly portable exploration tool which can spot the difference between ore and conductive overburden, even when the ore body is deeply buried; a ground-based electromagnetic superconducting SQUID sensor; licensed to Outer-Rim Exploration Services in Kalgoorlie, WA – See also Locating the ore others miss (Solution)
LAWMan (Local Area Waste Management) – software, suite of models designed to facilitate estimation of waste generation (based on projected future population)
Lawson – winter wheat cultivar – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
LCADesign (Life Cycle Assessment and Computer Aided Design) – software for automated environmental analysis of commercial building designs; jointly with CRC for Construction Innovation – See CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems – Software and Resources
Leak detector based on a quadrupole mass spectrometer – developed in the Division of Chemical Physics and manufactured in Australia in 1967-68 – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
LEBUM (Leakage-Buffer Model) – a tool that calculates the impact of phase-rotation on average long-term leakage in south Western Australia
Lepton – rapid antibody test kit for cotton pests
LevySim – software module for GOCAD package and performs Fractal levy Motion simulations
LFM Moisture Analyser (Low Frequency Microwave Moisture Analyser) – a novel instrument now recognised as breakthrough technology by the industry; has the advantage that it is unaffected by wide variations in the distribution of water in the coal on the belt, and can be used on steel cord reinforced belts that are now common in the industry; has been commercialised through a CSIRO spin-off company, Intalysis Pty Ltd; over 150 moisture systems have been sold in Australia and overseas – See Coalscan – on-line analysis instruments for the coal industry
LICHEE (Life Cycle House Energy Evaluation) – software, a CAD-based tool for detached housing
Light and Easy Cat Litter – product made from recycling telephone books; commercialised by Equinox Management P/L and Telecom – See Timber Supplement From Paper And Plastic, 1998 (Media Release)
Lightweight Horn for a US Defence satellite application – the CSIRO designed corrugated horn was called ‘bowl-shaped’ because of its distinctive profile. Fabricated from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic materials by Composite Optics Inc. (now ATK Space Systems, San Diego, USA), the final horn had a mass of only 9.3 kg, which was over an order-of-magnitude weight reduction when compared to an aluminium prototype horn. The horn successfully completed space-qualification tests, but never made it into space as the US Defence application was cancelled – See AUSSAT-B and other antenna research
Lime and Nutrient Balance – software, keeps a 10-year record of gains and losses of key nutrients and changes in soil acidity; calculates nitrogen and phosphorus requirements to achieve a target yield
Lime varieties – Three new Australian lime varieties Australian Blood, Australian Sunrise and Australian Outback were produced by CSIRO citrus breeder Dr Steve Sykes by selecting and crossing Australian native citrus with modern cultivars. The result is three high-yielding citrus varieties with larger than normal fruit, consistent yields and the unique flavour and texture of Australian native limes. See A taste of the outback- new CSIRO lime varieties.
Linear pipe reactor – for determining flocculation kinetics – See Thickener technology for mineral processing
Linola – new crop variety in the flax group
LITRES – tool for advanced passenger transport simulation
LITRES-2 – simulation tool that handles multi-leg journeys and makes a clear distinction between simulation and scheduling modules; for urban transport planning
LoFlo CO2 analyser – a continuous carbon dioxide analyser using satellite or the internet to connect to a central laboratory – See Our changing atmosphere (Overview – Research)
Low-E Coated Windows – Titanium nitride (TiN) thin film coatings for low-emittance energy efficient windows
LR3IGF – a modified highly-active form of insulin like growth factor -1 ; sold by GroPep now Novozymes GroPep Limited
LUCID – software, INTKEY program; taxonomic database – See DELTA taxonomic computer programs
LuciTrap – product, trap for green sheep blowfly
LUCNA (Land Use Change in Northern Australia) – model that predicts what combinations of changing productivity, prices and policies would cause the pastoral industry to run into problems
LUPIS (Land Use Planning Information System) – a microcomputer-based spatial decision support system developed to assist in implementing the SIRO-PLAN and SIRO-MED approaches to spatial resource allocation by facilitating the ranking of competing candidate land uses or management regimes on each of the resource inventoried areas, which jointly comprise a region of study
LUPlan – software for land use planning


Landguard™ pesticide residue treatment – process that provides a rapid, practical and cost-effective solution for the management of pesticide residues by hydrolysis enzymes; commercialised by Orica Watercare
LANDTEM™ – a world’s first scientific and technical outcome for minerals exploration
Laser Protection Filters – technology that uses thin film coatings to provide enhanced protection to army personnel against laser attack; collaboration between CSIRO, DSTO, Francis Lord Optics and Ellex Laser Systems
LEAP (Low Energy Accelerated Processing) – technology for rapid curing of concrete products
LFC (Lost Foam Casting) – a process that enables metals to be cast in intricate detail, with great accuracy; by making high volume complex, near net shape castings without cores, LFC can reduce or even eliminate machining
Lipidation – technology that links drugs with specialised lipids (fats) to facilitate delivery into cells – See Faulding and CSIRO Sign New Agreement To Expand Research Into Lipidation – A New Drug Delivery Technology, 1998 (Media Release)
Lo-Flo – an in-process effluent treatment for aqueous wool scouring – See Keeping wool in shape (1983)


LAMPS (Location and Monitoring for Personal Safety) – communication system that will track position of people working in underground mines – See LAMPS to help save miners’ lives, 1999 (Media Release)
LASC (Longwall Automation System) – technology, non-exclusively licensed to Joy Mining Machinery Australasia and Inbye Mining Services for commercialisation; licensed to Joy Australasia, Inbye Mining services, Eickhoff Australia, Bucyrus Australia and the ZZM-KOPEX Group – See Manufacturers embrace longwall automation, 2009 (Media Release)
LFA (Landscape Function Analysis) System – monitors ecosystem health in the semi-arid rangelands, by identifying the way in which a landscape regulates resources such as water, nutrients, organic matter and propagules – See A remote sensing tool for monitoring landscape health (Achievement)
Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) – a mobile laser imaging system (upwards)
Lidar-STIL – laser imaging system mounted in aeroplanes for tuna spotting (downwards)
LITESLICE – computerised system enables railway operators to check rail track; licensed to Aldetec Pty Ltd
LITRES-2 – a software system that can simulate the operations of urban public transport services, in order to assess their likely performance; includes modules designed to aid in the implementation of demand-responsive transport services
LiveBoard – electronic liveboard technology allows 2 whiteboards set up in distant offices to work as one
Longwall Shearer Guidance System – an underground full extraction mining method which involves the extraction of coal in large blocks or panels using a mechanised shearer – See Military ‘black box’ behind longwall mining revolution, 2005 (Media Release)
Low emission vehicles