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By July 2nd, 2014

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FAD (Filtered Arc Deposition) – commercial surface coating that combines uncompromising hardness with super smoothness – See Superhard coatings technology (Fact Sheet)
Fads3000 – super smooth and hard surface coatings
FANN (Forest Artificial Neural Network) – model
Fantastic plastic – new plastic membrane that mimics pores found in plants and has applications in water, energy and climate change mitigation – See also Novel Polymer Membrane Mimics Nature (2007) (Video)
Far-infrared spectrometer – the instrument employed a zone plate as the dispersing element – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
FarmLab – test kit for tissue nitrate and phosphate in the field; agent is Incitec-Pivot
FarmWi$e – software, flexible decision support tool for grazing systems management in the broadacre farming systems of southern Australia
Fastflo – fluid flow software
Fast Plants teaching resources – completes the entire life cycle in only 36 days
FastTalk – software, high level language specially developed for FastFlo
Fecundin – the world’s first fecundity enhancing vaccine for sheep
FedSat the first Australian-built satellite in more than 30 years – developed by CSIRO and the CRC for Satellite Systems and launched successfully in December 2002. On board was a ‘world-first’ in microsatellite payload, a Ka-band transponder. Its purpose was to demonstrate future high-speed communications via satellite for rural and remote communications in Australia – See AUSSAT-B and other antenna research
Feedhorns and antennas for radiotelescopes – See Antennas for radio telescopes and satellite communications
Fe-HyLogger – tool for rapid spectroscopic determination of mineralogy from diamond cores, drill chips and blast cone chips – See CSIRO and Rio Tinto take a closer look at iron ore, 2007 (Media Release)
FiberMax – cotton breeding varieties are sold under this brand in the US
FIBREpak – a guide designed to improve quality of cotton fibre – See also FIBREpak (Publication – General)
Fido – software, collates all known information about dogs and their owners in a hand held (Palm Pilot) computer; used with lost animals – See Where’s Fido? (2002)
FIED (Flexible Integrated Energy Device) – a vibration harvesting device to be incorporated into clothing; consists of advanced, conducive fabrics act as part of the battery and a rectifier/power management system to power electronic equipment
FillSure – software, checks weight or volume of pre-packaged goods
Finale – a hi-tech coin to commemorate Australia’s Centenary of Federation; features a hologram-like optically variable device (OVD); developed in collaboration with Royal Australian Mint – See ‘Groovy’ coin reflects Centenary of Federation, 2001 (Media Release)
FinCash – software, cash flow forecasting for construction
FinFeas – software, financial feasibility study for building projects
FinMain – maintenance forecasting model for estimating future financial requirements of physical assets or facilities
FinPlan – software, financial control of multi-project planning
FireData – software/directory of products which comply with fire safety requirements
Fire Fact of the Month – electronic journal, published by Bushfire Group up to 14 March 2003 – See The months of a fire season (Fact Sheet)
FireNet – software for fire management
FireSure – software, assistance with design of fire safety systems and products
FireWind – software, smoke control, ventilation, fire modeling, sprinklers testing (upgraded version of FireCalc)
FIRST (Framework for the Integration of Remote Support Technologies) – software, links existing programs, functions or web sites to the web system
Fish Products – food products that convert under-utilised fish species into valuable ready to heat and serve meals; commercialised by Mantzaris Fisheries – See Fishy solutions to a busy life, 2002 (Media Release)
FLAMED – a simulation tool that simulates gas migration in coal seams; couples flow with geomechanical behaviour and can improve the prediction of potential paths for gas migration in coal seams – See Improving production of coal seam gas (Capability)
Flames – a fire and landscape tree model for tropical savannas
Flecks – low cost, low power sensor devices suitable for deployment in large numbers in wireless sensor networks, typically include an 8-bit microprocessor, a radio transceiver and multiple sensors; licensed to Australian company. In comparison to other systems, Flecks are extremely robust in a variety of harsh environments, as well as being easy to produce, cost effective and easily modified to measure almost any variable – See Landmark achievement for CSIRO wireless sensor network, 2006 (Media Release) and CSIRO Tasmanian ICT Centre (CSIRO video transcript)
Fleecescan™ – transportable instrument for on farm wool fibre measurement
Floc Density Analyser – measures flocculation performance; measures the size, shape, density and settling rate of individual aggregates – See Thickener technology for mineral processing
FloraBank – a project to improve quality and availability of native seed and enhance networks between seed users and seedbanks; administered by Greening Australia in partnership with CSIRO’s Australian Tree Seed Centre and the ANBG, funded by Bushcare – See Native plants and forestry (Overview – Research)
FlowThru – software, calculates ground water flow
Fluid Solver – captures the maths described in pouring a pint of beer and the physics of bubble creation in carbonated drinks – See also Examples of realistic fluid special effects in three-dimensions (Video)
Fluxatron – instrument for measurement of eddy fluxes in the lower atmosphere
Focal – image processing software for a small PDP-8
Focals – foundation engineering software
FOCON (Fibre Optical Confocal Microscope) – instrument
Focus Night and Day™ – contact lenses that can be worn night and day for a month; licensed to Ciba Vision – See also Extended wear contact lenses
FOO (Feed-on-Offer) – management tool measures pastures from space – See Pastures from Space™ (Solution)
Food Safety Toolkit – step-by-step instruction manuals to help businesses develop their own Food Safety Strategy; includes GMP and HACCP programs – See Food safety information sources (Overview)
FRACOD – fracture mechanics modeling code
FRANK (Film Researcher’s Archival Navigation Kit) – software enabling film and television researchers to make on-line searches of video archives – See Towards an Approach for Novel Design (CSIRO ICT)
Fraser – soybean variety, designed for Fraser Coast and Burnett, Qld to stand up straighter to avoid problems caused by moist ground – See Soybean research for a growing industry (CSIRO Plant Industry)
FullCAM – carbon accounting model to assess net carbon uptake by forests and agricultural systems by linking 4 sub-models: CAMFor, 3-PG, GENDEC and RothC – See Tools for modelling commercial environmental forestry (Solution)
FullStop™ wetting front detector – device for controlling irrigation, buried in the root zone; licensed to Agriplas – See also Developing technologies and products (CSIRO Land and Water)
FungiBank – details the importance of many different types of fungi in today’s farming and forestry environments


Face In A Crowd – image compression technology for tracking and recognising individuals in video – See Match That Face (1999) and World leading technology from Australia Hannover Fair, April 20-25, 1998 (Media Release)
FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) – soil analysis technology
FAMM™ (Fluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals) – technology that determines if minute quantities of plant material have been cooked by the Earth
Fantainers – freight container technology
FASE (Frequency Assignment by Stochastic Evolution) – technology that minimises interference and signal loss for mobile telephone users – See Improving mobile telephone reception (Solution)
Fastflo – a finite element package developed for the numerical solution of partial differential equations in one-, two- and three-dimensional regions
FILTER (Filtration and Irrigated cropping for Land Treatment and Effluent Reuse) – land treatment of sewage effluent – See Developing Technologies and Products (CSIRO LAnd and Water)
FLAG (Fuzzy Landscape Analysis) – GIS method for dryland salinity assessment
FlameMag – produces magnesium hydroxide flame retardant which meets stringent safety legislation for plastics
Flammability tests for textiles and clothing – a quantitative approach using FRED a child size Fire-Resistant Experimental Dummy; resulted in a rewriting of the Australian standards – See Burns injury reductions through improved textile flammability standards
Fluid History Analysis – technology that develops and applies innovative techniques to investigate the movement of hydrocarbons in petroleum reservoirs and sedimentary basins at geological and production time scales by analysing rocks and associated fluids at the micro-scale
Fluidised Bed Carbonation – produces a charcoal product that the metallurgical industry can use to produce a pure white metal whilst improving efficiencies in timber and charcoal manufacturing; licensed to Enecon Pty Ltd
Freney-Lipson process for shrinkproofing wool – developed by Martin Freney and Menzie (Pip) Lipson; involved the use of ethanolic alkali and was developed to the industrial stage with Holeproof Hosiery, Melbourne; first used to treat army socks during the second world war


Farming 2020 – a wireless network of low-power, durable sensors capable of monitoring land quality, and tracking livestock
FARMScape (Farmers, Advisors, Researchers, Monitoring, Simulation) – computer-based system of scenarios and simulation to predict crop yields – See Farmscape tips odds towards farming success, 2000 (Media Release)
Fibre Direct – clip preparation and wool aggregation system; licensed to Wesfarmers Dalgety Ltd
Fires – software, environmental management expert system for fire control
FLOCK (Flexible Organiser of Content and Knowledge) – a system that manages email overload – See Intelligent Interactive Technologies (CSIRO ICT Centre)
Funnelback™ search engine (previously called P@noptic™ search engine) – See also CSIRO sells Funnelback search engine, 2009 (Media Release) and CeNTIE (2007) (video).