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By July 2nd, 2014

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QNXPlot – software, suite of sub-programs for QNX Real-time multi-tasking Operating system and graphs
Quadrella – lucerne variety, distributed by Keith Seeds Pty Ltd – See Courageous decision sprouts lucerne export dollars, 1994 (Media Release)
QuantiFERON®-TB Gold – diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis in humans – See Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans
QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-tube – diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis in humans – See Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans
Queensberry – planning system software for decision making of public assets
QUEST (Queensland Electronic Services Trial) – software, town planning database, integrated spatial services
Quick Dry Merino – a new quick drying wool fabric developed in partnership with Australian Wool Innovation; significantly reduces drying time for both shrink-resistant and hand-washed wool garments
Quote – cost estimating software system for alterations and additions to houses and new home construction


QEM*SEM – automated mineral analysis technology using scanning electron microscopy – See QEMSCAN® mineral analysis and QEM*SEM (1982)
QGF and QGF-E (Quantitative Grain Fluorescence and Quantitative Grain Fluorescence on Extract Fluorescence) – technology for detecting current and palaeo-oil zones by measuring the intensity of fluorescence from ultraviolet light-excited hydrocarbons sealed in fluid inclusions and at the surface of siliciclastic rocks
Quantitative Cathodeluminescence Mapping – technology that determines composition of trace elements in quartz; a collaboration with Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Rice University, USA
Quench-Coat – novel coating process to protect galvanised products from ‘white rust’ zinc oxide
Quickstep – low cost, rapid fabrication floating mold technology to produce advanced fibre (carbon/Kevlar) and glass reinforced composite components – See Lighter Aeroplanes (2002)


QEMSCAN® mineral analysis – system based on QEM*SEM technology