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By July 2nd, 2014

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3-PGS (Physiological Principles Predicting Growth from Satellites) – model – See Tools for modeling commercial environmental forestry (Solution)
PALTEK – software that enables Leica Microsystems Lithography Ltd’s VB6 electron beam lithography machines to receive Palette-based microstructure data files to fabricate master plates for CSIRO’s OVDs (Optically Variable Devices); portability of Vectorgram – See World’s leading anti-counterfeiting technology for Europe, 2003 (Media Release)
Panoptic™ – a better search engine
Paper sheet former – an automated laboratory paper sheet former that produces paper sheets with properties identical to those produced on commercial scale paper machines; reduces the expense and logistical complexity of a pilot-scale or mill trial on paper product optimisation, new paper chemicals or new product development – See Pilot Scale Former: new technology for the pulp and paper industry (Service)
PAPT (Patient Admission Prediction Tool) – software – See Reducing bottlenecks in emergency departments, 2008 (Media Release)
PARMS-Planning – Enables authorities to manage water reticulation assets efficiently. It can assess replacement needs based upon the predicted number of failures in any one year, and is easily tailored to meet customer needs – See PARMS-Priority software: managing pipeline replacement analysis (Publication – Technical)
PARMS-Risk – risk management tool – See PARMS-Priority software: managing pipeline replacement analysis (Publication – Technical)
PARROT – media/multiple access controller (MAC) for wireless ATM networks
Passive Air Sampler – instrument which measures air pollution for R&D projects
Pastures from Space™ – website that provides estimates of pasture growth rate for south-west Western Australia’s Mediterranean zone; in conjunction with Agriculture WA and the WA Dept. of Land Administration
PATN – software that searches for patterns in complex research data/multi-variate data analysis; distributed by the Australian Antarctic Division
Patterson – wheat variety – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
PCX – instrument for imaging and tomography of macroscopic sediments; commercialised by XRT and Gatan
PEBA-II – software, rapidly generates and personalises text for electronic catalogues or Web applications
PEC (Pigment Emulsified Creosote) – water in oil emulsion; licensed to Koppers Australia (also known as Cleansote) – See The Back Fence: Bringing It Back, 1999 (Media Release)
PECC – software, accelerates the uptake of electronic commerce, Internet connectivity and global numbering systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
PenName – software, key to Penicillium species
Periodic excitation phosphorometer – developed in the Division of Chemical Physics in the 1940s – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
PERMBLANK.WRK – software that processes soil water sorption
Personal Cooling Vest – micro-climate cooling suit; protective clothing for fire fighters
PESKY – software for tick control and pest risk assessment
Pesticide Residue Test Kits – licensed by Strategic Diagnostics Inc; original research and licensing was in collaboration with Millipore and ISI
PestMan – software for the control stored grain pests
PGR (Pastures Growth Rate) – management tool – See New management tool for East Australian graziers, 2007 (Media Release)
PHE Cooler – air conditioner/plate heat exchanger; uses less electrical energy than conventional refrigerated air conditioners doing a similar cooling job
Phoslock™ – absorbent clay-based substance which removes nutrient phosphorus, thus inhibiting growth of algal bloom; licensed to IMT Holdings
PhotoMatrix™ – a light-activated biocompatible implant matrix based on fibrinogen, gelatin and/or other proteins for tissue engineering applications, which can be used as an in vivo curing, arthroscopic delivery vehicle for cells, growth factors or proteins – See PhotoSeal™: photomedical technologies (Product)
PhotoSeal™ – photomedical technologies; human tissue sealant which glues together the synthetic form of resilin; a light-activated, biocompatible tissue sealant based on fibrinogen or gelatin or other proteins
PicoBubbles – cavitation tube instrument for improving coal flotation; in conjunction with Novatech Consulting
PigMax – software, pig productivity
PIMA II – compact handheld spectrometer providing field geologists with new analytical tool for identification of rocks, minerals and soils
PIRI (Pesticide Impact Rating Index) – software; model that calculates impact on surrounding water bodies – See also The Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI)
PlantGro – software that predicts plant growth
Platypus – software/database of taxonomy fauna
PlotLib – software, 2-D planar graphs
PNGRIS (Papua New Guinea Resource Information System) – software for mapping of agricultural systems
PocketSVG – developers’ toolkit for using Scalable Vector Graphics on Pocket PCs
Polarising interferometer – for the servo control of the ruling engines used to make diffraction gratings for atomic absorption spectrometers; developed by DA Davies at Chemical Physics in the 1960s – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
POLDIF – software for dispersion of noise and air pollution from urban roads
Polymer banknotes – plastic banknotes with optically variable devices (OVDs); a world’s first and a paradigm shift towards a currency secure against forgery; marketed by Securency International Pty Ltd, a joint venture between the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Innovia Films formed in 1996; by 2009 Securency was exporting to 25 countries, with more than three billion polymer notes in circulation
PONDMAN 2 – software that combines data so that farmers can assess situation on farms re stock, feed usage, harvests, etc. – See Computer-Friendly Prawns, 1999 (Media Release)
PopProj (Population Projections) – software program for a single region cohort survival population projection model
Portable Sonic Fineness Tester – instrument for the objective measurement of wool
Prawn virus detection kit – can detect the presence of both gill-associated virus (GAV) and yellow-head virus (YHV)
PreshaFruit – fruit juices product made by high pressure processing; manufactured by Preshafood Ltd, formerly Donny Boy Fresh Food Company – See CSIRO drinks to world’s best new juice, 2009 (Media Release)
Pressure Coring Tool – takes core samples from wool bales for objective measurement analyses
Primagam™ – diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis in non-human primates – See Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans
PrimeGro – test that aids the selection of breeding stock with enhanced growth characteristics
PROCCA – a CCA-oil emulsion; marketed as Tanalith Gold; licensed to Koppers-Hickson – See The Back Fence: Bringing It Back, 1999 (Media Release)
PROFTRIL – anthelmintic device for control of internal sheep parasites; manufactured by Captec Ltd and marketed jointly by Smith Kline Beecham Animal Health and Nufarm Animal Health
Projection Wizard – software, productivity tool for strategic planners in health industry
ProMin – software that simulates a number of comminution and classification unit processes simultaneously
ProMod – model that predicts plantation productivity
Proof grader for the timber industry – See Engineered performance of timber
Prosper – software, sugar cane land management information system
PSI (Property Standard Index) – software decision support model for Queensland Dept. of Housing; facilitates decisions on selling, maintaining and reviewing building stock
Psychro-Fast – the world’s best test for dairy spoilage organisms; used in manufacture of pasteurised milk with improved storage life – See Keeping Milk Fresher, Longer, 1998 (Media Release)
PSZ (Partially Stabilized Zirconia) – an extremely tough ceramic with a wide range of industrial applications; developed in 1974 – See Visions for the future – Advanced Ceramics (1994)
PUCE (Pattern-Unit-Component-Evaluation) – terrain evaluation software for civil engineering works
PumpIT – software for windmill pumps
Pump Sampler – instrument that samples water in drill holes or lakes
Pyrolex Ceramifiable – trade name given by Olex to their ceramifying polymers


PACSI (Positron Annihilation Compton Scattering Imaging) – a novel gamma-ray imaging technique
Partial Digestion – soil sampling technique
Partial Root-Zone Drying – irrigation method has tricked grape vines into drought response mode while boosting yields and halving water usage
PCC (Post Combustion Capture) – technology that can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 85 % from existing coal and gas-fired power stations when coupled with carbon storage
Phage Biocatalysis™ – a rapid and potentially cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of enzyme catalysis
PhosFume – treatment used with SiroFlo that keeps stored grain insect and residue free
Phosphine Fumigator – portable phosphine fumigator; commercial agreement with United Phosphorus Limited (India) to develop and market an aluminium phosphide formulation (in wax block form) which requires a generator to extract and apply the phosphine content of the new formulation to fumigate stored grain. There are two versions – a rapid and a slow release version to service SiroFlo – being evaluated by Ausbulk Handling Ltd handling companies.
Pigment printing process for wool
Plascon – waste destruction process – See Plascon: The 99.9999% Solution (1992)
Polyamine pretreatment of wool – effective for dyeing and print dyeing of wool and for the application of shrink-resist polymers to wool; works by removing the fibre cuticle surface (lipid) membranes which act as a barrier to these application processes
Powerline Monitoring – technology that measures distance between powerlines and trees from the air; combines stereo computer vision technology with a GIS – See Powerline eyes help prevent bushfires, 2001 (Media Release)
pPLEX – a suite of genetic promoters that are DNA switches; joint venture with RhoBio – See Expanding global agribusiness for Australia, 1999 (Media Release)
Predicta-B Test – cereal root disease testing service; joint venture between AventisCropScience, SARDI and CSIRO; marketed by C-Qentec Diagnostics
PTGS (Post-transcriptional gene silencing) – technology that uses hairpin RNA to vaccinate crops against viruses – See RNAi


P@noptic search engine – previously called S@NITY, since 2006 called Funnelback
PARMS (Pipeline Asset and Risk Management System) – a suite of computer-based models designed to assist in the management of water supply network assets – See PARMS-Planning: protecting our pipelines (Solution) and PARMS-Priority software: managing pipeline replacement analysis (Publication – Technical)
PED (Personal Emergency Device) – paging systems designed to save miners’ lives; licensed to Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd – See Emergency two-way communications for underground miners (Achievement)
PersiMon – personal monitoring home telecare system – See Personal Monitoring Clinical Trials Program (e-Health Research Centre) and CSIRO demonstrates home telecare fall monitoring system, 1999 (Media Release)
Petroleum reservoir characterisation
Photometric Method of crystal orientation fabric analysis using optical microscopy and computer analysis systems
PIPADS (Parallel Image Processing And Display System) – vertically integrated system
PIRAT – remote sensing system for sewers – See The PIRAT System – New Generation Sewer Inspection (1996)
PLS Precision System – automatic vehicle location/position location system; enables automatic radio location of mobile units to within mm
PMCam – control system for remote control and monitoring of unattended aeration of grain