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By July 2nd, 2014

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Maaate (Music And Audio Analysis Toolkit) – powers a new generation of music searching products especially for use in MP3 format – See Music Match (2002)
MACE (Minerals And Coal Evaluation) – world’s first diagnostic tool to benchmark flotation performance
MacKellar – wild grass, feed wheat varietal, resistant to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV); licensed to AWB Seeds – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
Maestro – software, mathematical array model of photosynthetic responses of tree stands to rising CO2 concentrations and temperatures
MagMotor – electric motor drive based on super-magnets
MaizeMan – software, monitors and predicts growth and water use of maize
Mallee Calculator – a model yield and nitrogen calculator specific to Mallee conditions; funded by Grains research and Development Corporation
maNage rice – software, options for topdressing nitrogen fertiliser
Manage Wheat – software, nitrogen fixation; to be marketed by Wesfarmers/Dalgety
Mantis – a vertical take-off, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); a ‘brain’ which enables the production of a world-first low-cost, intelligent small helicopter, set to end many difficult and dangerous tasks undertaken by humans. The CSIRO Mantis can simply be told where to go and what to do, and it will go off, do the job and find its own way home, unassisted.
MAPROJ – software, enables accurate maps at any scale of operation
Marroo Seedless – Black table grape varietal; licensed to Phytotech Australia P/L – See Grapevine breeding (Overview – Research)
MASTER (Managing Acid Soils Through Efficient Rotations) – software
MATIX – software for tick control in south Queensland
MDBSIS (Murray-Darling Basin Soil Information Strategy) – digital information about soils for land resources planning – See Taking a Captain Cook at the Murray-Darling, 1999 (Media Release)
Medical Sheepskins – a new Australian Standard for the production of medical sheepskins for use in hospitals and nursing homes; developed in the 1990s, the sheepskins are washable at high temperatures without loss of quality
MeltFlow – software, computer-aided engineering technique for the pressure die-casting technique
MENOR – object oriented software engineering
MenuLib – suite of software programs for mineral process control/customising menus for data entry
MerbeinGold 2336 – mandarin varietal bred to recombine characteristics of Imperial mandarin and Ellendale tangerines for Australian conditions; commercialised by Perfection Fresh Australia – See Seedless gold (Publication – General)
MerbeinGold 2350 – mandarin varietal bred to recombine characteristics of Imperial mandarin and Ellendale tangerines for Australian conditions; commercialised by Perfection Fresh Australia – See Seedless gold (Publication – General)
MetAccess® – software, analyses historical weather data; the distributor is Horizon Agriculture Pty Ltd
MFAT (Murray Flow Assessment Tool) – software tool, assesses the ecological impacts of a range of environmental flow scenarios
MFR (Micro Fourier Rheometer) – instrument that uses a simple squeezing process to rapidly determine the complex rheological properties of viscoelastic fluids
microBRIAN – remote sensing software – See Barrier Reef Image Analysis System (BRIAN) and microBRIAN (1987)
MicroLab – a laboratory reactor that employs microwave technology. See Pressurised Reactors for Microwave Assisted Chemistry (1995) and MicroLab (1989)
Millenium Building – state-of-the-art, smart, environmentally compatible, multi-purpose building to showcase Australian technology
Millennium Muscat™ – a golden, seeded, early-maturing table grape with a distinctive aromatic muscat flavour
MinDress – software, mineral dressing plant simulator
Mix2.O – software, calculates air exchanges between zones
Mobile Maps – software, includes GPS to check for recent changes to the power or water network; used in conjunction with ACT Electricity and Water
MolSAR – for computer-aided drug discovery; a predictive QSAR computational tool capable of generating robust structure-property models; available within Bio-Rad’s Know It All Informatics System
Monola – canola oil product containing optimum levels of mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids for a frying oil; marketed by Nutrihealth Pty Ltd – See In quest of the gourmet chip, 2000 (Media Release)
MPE (Multi-Phase Equilibrium) database – software database that has thermodynamic and transport properties of metallurgical systems
MPTDat – software for tree performance data
MTBFile – software for creation of MINITAB data files from WARIS output files
MudLine – software for image processing of digital image analysis of mineral slurries – See Cheaper, faster, precision ore analysis, 1999 (Media Release)
Mult – multistorey frame analysis software
MultiBeam antenna – a new concept in Earth-based antenna design; each multibeam antenna can receive and transmit from up to 19 satellites at one time; produced by Sydney Engineering (Sales) Pty Ltd – See Multibeam Antenna (1992) and Patriot Antenna Systems to commercialise CSIRO MultiBeam satellite communications technology, 2007 (Media Release)
Multiphase Well Testing Tool – oil well testing instrument
Multiple (double-pass) monochronometer – a device that improved the resolution of commercial infrared spectrometers by allowing the radiation to be passed two or more times through the same optical system; developed by Alan Walsh and patented in the 1950s; licensed to Perkin-Elmer in 1953; royalties obtained during the life of the patents was US$77 000 – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
MultSim – arterial road, traffic simulation program
MUSIC (Model for Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation) – software several versions


Machine Washable suit technology – based on Total Easy care technology, the machine washable, wool blend, suit technology, developed in 2005/06, has been commercialised by AWI
Magnesium sheet production by twin roll casting – goes from ingot to cast in one step, producing semi-finished sheet ready for fabrication – See Ready to roll (Business Opportunity) and Magnesium International options agreement with CSIRO
Managed aquifer recharge – a method of adding a water source, such as recycled water, to aquifers (underground reservoirs) under controlled conditions
MCI™ (Molecular Composition of oil Inclusions) – technology that tracks oil type, age and source
MCT (Moisture Control Technology) – maintains field freshness over extended periods of storage and shipping
Meat Seal CX – technology where an edible coating prevents moisture loss in meats during refrigeration; licensed to ICI Food Specialities (later Surfactants); in 2000 licence passed back to CSIRO
Mechanisation of Australian viticulture
Mechanised cheese making – the Bell-SIRO Cheese-maker
Melt Transfer printing – developed in the 1970s to reduce the cost of conventional wool printing
MesoPorous Oxide Technology – removes arsenic from water
MicroMax – micro-encapsulation technology for maximising oil load and stability; used in the encapsulation of oil, oil soluble and oil dispersive bio-actives; Clover Corp. has exclusive licence to manufacture products under name of Driphorm-50
MIEX® – process that removes impurities from drinking water magnetically
MIP (Molecularly Imprinted Polymers) – a new generation of clean and ‘green’ separations technology to capture valuable molecules from food waste
MIR (Mid Infra Red) Soil Testing – allows rapid non-destructive prediction of a wide range of soil properties – See Developing technologies and products (CSIRO Land and Water)
Murata Vortex Spinning – developed in 2004; enables high quality wool and wool-blend yarns to be spun on the Murata Vortex Spinning (MVS) machine, a new high production system, originally designed for spinning cotton. The MVS system reduces wool spinning costs by 30%.
Murso Process – treats ilmenite concentrates


MAGSAFE – a new system for locating and identifying submarines and mines using 3 SQUIDs (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices); contract with DSTO
Marine ecosystems dynamics simulations
Mathematical tools for designing better spectacle lenses – a novel mathematical method was developed to analyse the curved surface of a lens and develop design tools which helped to find the best possible lens shape for the desired purpose – See CSIRO – Odd socks, spectacles and CSIRO maths, 2001 (Media Release)
MineGem – An autonomous navigation system for a class of underground mining vehicles (LHD vehicles) to de-people mines. LHD vehicles load, haul and dump metaliferous ore from an open stope (where there is broken rock) to a crusher or waiting truck to be transported to the surface. The system has been exclusively licensed to Caterpillar, who launched it in 2004 under the name MINEGEM. The system has been sold around the world and is now in everyday use moving millions of tonnes of broken ore while operators sit safely in comfortable control rooms. Mines using the system have reported 40-60% productivity increases over manual operation. See Autonomous navigation system for LHD vehicles.
MK3 Highwall Guidance System – uses a high-performance inertial navigation sensor to determine accurate 3D position in real-time using dead-reckoning principles – See Safe and sustainable coal mining (Overview – Research)
MMB (Methanol Multibeam) receiver – a 7-beam system jointly constructed by the ATNF (Australia Telescope National Facility) and Jodrell Bank Observatory in UK
MPCT (Minimal Pruning Of Cordon-Trained) vines system
MudLine – software for image processing of digital image analysis of mineral slurries – See Cheaper, faster, precision ore analysis, 1999 (Media Release)