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By July 2nd, 2014

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Garden Watering Sentinel – instrument that measures wetness of soil
GDA (Gemmological Digital Analyser) – world’s first automated device to grade opals using image analysis in development with Opal Producers Australia Limited (O.P.A.L)
GeneRave – software; a data analysis problem solver that rapidly sifts through very large numbers of expression measurements to identify the genes that form the best predictive set; licensed to CSIRO Bioinformatics
Genesis – a new generation drilling engineering analysis, simulation and planning tool; commercialised by Noble Engineering and Development Ltd
GeneStar Marbling – marbling DNA tests/selection tool to predict meat marbling capacity in cattle
GeneStar Tenderness – DNA test which identifies cattle carrying a tenderness gene; developed by Cattle and Beef Quality CRC and Meat & Livestock Australia; licensed to Genetic Solutions – See also Tender beef gene test a world-first, 2002 (Media Release)
Gennex® fuel cell module – the ‘heart’ of BlueGenTM, is a complete set of fuel cell components designed to work together for maximum efficiency and reliability. At 1.5 kW output, Gennex delivers 60 per cent electrical efficiency. Gennex uses internal steam reforming, and is designed for simple mounting and minimal heat loss. See Ceramic Fuel Cells
Genome Health Analysis Test – to equip people with the tools needed to ensure their longest possible lifespan and significantly increase their potential to reach their 100th birthday; licensed to Reach100
Gensect – software, integrated impacts of climate change on Queensland fruit fly and woodland dieback
GeoPIXE™ – geological application of X-ray emission quantitative microanalysis software
GeoPIXE II – software for quantitative, non-destructive PIXE analysis and imaging – See also New Features of GeoPIXE II
GETMAG™ – a SQUID magnetic tensor gradiometer for mineral and oil exploration; detects iron ores, kimberlite pipes (diamonds), and other magnetic materials from the air – See also Superconducting devices and systems (Capability)
GFDI (Grassland Fire Danger Index) – model that gauges the potential seasonal fire danger in different pasture types – See Fire danger (Fact Sheet)
GI and RS Analyzer – bench top robotic machine (laboratory tool) that acts as an artificial gut and accurately predicts glycaemic index (GI) and resistant starch (RS) in food products – See CSIRO deal to commercialise ‘artificial gut’, 2009 (Media Release)
GI and RS predictor – automated instrument for accurately predicting glycaemic index (GI) and resistant starch (RS) in food products; licensed to Stadvis Pty Ltd
Gibbsite Precipitator – software, a simulator of a crystalliser that is targeted to capture a dynamic behaviour of gibbsite precipitation process in the production of alumina – See New tool leads to efficiency improvements (Solution)
GIMMS (Geophysically Integrated Mineral Mapping Spectrometers) – instrument
Ginsert – a V-shaped metal insert that improves the positioning and discharge of fuzzy seed from the ginning point on the rib of the cotton gin. Developed in 2010, the insert reduces the contact time that seed-cotton has with the gin rib and significantly reduces seed damage that occurs at this point; it also improves the removal of fibre from the seed thus increasing the amount of lint extracted from the seed, and improving the capacity of the gin stand. International patents taken and about to be commercialised.
GLayers (Grids and Layers) – software research tool; transmittance/absorption dielectric stacks
GL Nozzle (Gas Liquid Nozzle) – instrument that reduces the amount of oxygen wasted during gold processing – See also A new jet aeration nozzle (Video)
Global Concurrent Engineering Platform – software, desktop-based computer environment with potential to halve the time to market new products by enabling worldwide workgroups to work together as if they were based at same location
GlobalHubs – diagnostic tools to monitor gas levels/greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere
Golden Promise – genetically engineered barley plant variety
GOPT design package for progressive spectacle lenses – improved software developed in the late 1990s for people suffering from the common complaint of presbyopia; allows the direct specification of the eyepath characteristics by a lens designer; now the chief design tool used for progressive lens design by SOLA international – See Spectacle lens design and Mathematical modelling for optical lens design (Achievement)
Gordon – rust resistant winter wheat variety – See Wheat breeding in Australia’s high-rainfall zone
Goyura – wine grape variety
GPW wheel (Golf Buggy Powered Wheel) – an in-wheel directional motor and controller; in development by UTS & GPW Technology P/L
GrainGene Variety ID System – a test that accurately identifies wheat and barley varieties using a panel of DNA markers; licensed to Agrifood Technology
GranitGard – termite barrier product. See Termite Attack (1990)
GrassGro 3 – software, predicts feed growth levels in a paddock; licensed to Horizon Agriculture – See also GrassGro™: matching management goals with land capability (Publication – General)
Grassland Fire Danger Meter – used by rural fire authorities across Australia to generate fire danger ratings for grassland areas
GrazClock – device that depicts the consequences of changing the joining date of a flock
GrazFeed – software, improving livestock production/feeding standards for livestock; sold by Horizon Agriculture Pty Ltd
GrazPlan® – software, a series of decision support tool computer models to help farmers manage grazing operations; sold by Horizon Agriculture Pty Ltd
GreenCalc – software, calculator for estimating greenhouse gas emissions for the Australian sugar industry
Green Guard™ – Metarhizium-based fungus product; manufactured, marketed and distributed by Becker Underwood – See also Green Guard goes global, 2001 (Media Release)
Greenleaf Farmlab – test kit for simple checks on nutrient shortages in growing crops and pastures; developed with Australian Fertilisers Ltd
The Green Machine Science Education Centre – plant-based education program in the Australian Capital Territory
Green Mud – a low-cost environmental formulation product created by CSIRO and Haliburton Energy Services’ Baroid Drilling Fluids; marketed as BarOmega™ (Osmotic Membrane Efficiency Generating Aqueous) drilling fluid system – See also Green mud cure to $2 billion loss, 2001 (Media Release)
GrowTube – product, root training tubes which help trees become established through their first difficult year; commercialised by Growtrees (Kiona Machinery Pty Ltd)
Gypsy – software, designed to help Australian sugarcane growers make decisions on what rates of gypsum to apply to sodic soils


Glass Earth – technology that penetrates the regolith (surface rubble) and bedrock, combining findings to predict where big orebodies are most likely to be formed – See Regolith geochemistry for mineral exploration
GOI™ (Grains containing Oil Inclusions) – petrographic technique used on core or cuttings samples to record number of framework quartz or feldspar grains containing oil Inclusions – See Petroleum geoscience: Fluid history analysis (Publication – General)
Gravity Thickener Technology – improvements for the minerals industry
Green hide processing and short term preservation – adopted by the tanning industry in the 1970s, eliminates the costs of salting and greatly reduces the Total Dissolved Solids in the effluent – See Tanning waste minimisation processes
Growth factors from whey – technology for purification and characterisation of unknown growth factors from natural sources, particularly cheese whey – See: Milk extract may heal wounds and smooth wrinkles, 1997 (Media Release) and Dairy products for improved human health
GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) – process commercialised to Ultratig – See: Welding technology the key to quality titanium products (Light Metal Update)
Guardian™ – polymer substrate technology developed in partnership with Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Belgian manufacturer Innovia Films – See: Polymer banknotes


GAAS IC (Gallium Arsenide chip fabrication line)
G-Bird (Ground-Based Infra-Red Detection) – a system to detect airborne volcanic gas and ash; commercialised by Tenix – See CSIRO Volcanic Ash Detector to safeguard air travel, 2003 (Media Release)
Gene shears – catalytic RNA molecules that cut messenger RNA molecules, causing them to lose their ability to direct protein synthesis in the cell
Genetic selection for multiple births in sheep
GeoScan – a through belt elemental analysis system for monitoring bulk materials
Gigabit wireless network – the world’s fastest millimetre-wave communications link
Grapevine – software, a generalised intranet and web information delivery system that delivers information where the user is notified of only the most relevant and valuable sources