Z – New Products, Processes and Systems

By July 2nd, 2014

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Zanamavir – anti-influenza virus drug, marketed as Relenza™
Zero Probe – gamma-gamma ultra-low radiation spectrometric instrument which delineates coal seams and determines quality of coal
Z-Image – interactive image analysis software package
ZMG (Zinc monoglycerolate) – pharmaceutical marketed by Ballara Medical Products


ZERO2 – Oxygen scavenging technology which has the capability to be incorporated into a range of packaging materials including Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Zirconia powders process – for the production of high grade zirconia powders essential for the production of partially stabilised zirconia ceramics; these ceramics possess an impressive combination of properties which enable them to compete with metals and alloys in many applications where high temperature performance, erosion and corrosion resistance are required


Zero Emission House – First commercially-designed carbon-neutral house; joint venture between CSIRO, Delfin Lend Lease and Henley Property group – See Zero Emission House (Profile – Project) and New zero-emission home for Australian families, 2008 (Media Release)