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By July 2nd, 2014

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CABALA (Carbon Balance) software – computer model which simulates the complex processes of tree growth and helps managers make better plantation decisions using daily climate information; developed with CRC for Sustainable Production Forestry; licensed to CO2 Australia
CABLE – the Australian community land surface model
CACTUS (Computerised Alignment for Captioned Television Using Speech) – a suite of software which semi-automates the creation of captions and subtitles for TV, movies and videos
CANESCAN 1500 – the most effective method available for on-line determination of soil in cane supply; soil in sugarcane causes wear in mills and problems in processing
Captec Chrome – faecal marker product for animals; manufactured by Captec Pty Ltd
Carbon nanotube yarns and sheets – sub-microscopic hollow fibres of pure carbon, a promising new material with applications in textiles, flexible electronics, photovoltaics and biomedical devices – See Spinning Carbon Nanotubes (2005)
Carina – wine grape varietal
CASTcoat™ – new long-life die coat product that fuses bonded melted ceramic particles
CastFlow – software package for runner design
CasTherm – software for thermal design of dies
Catchment Detox – an online game that teaches users about the importance of maintaining and enhancing the health of river catchments
CCAM (Conformational-Cubic Atmosphere Model) – for generating high-resolution weather forecasts
CDManNet – simulation tool, assists cell-phone network operators, telecommunications companies, research organisations and educational institutions with modeling, mapping, and simulation capabilities; developed in collaboration with Telstra Research Laboratories
CELDEK – evaporative coolers
CellPix – technology that rapidly screens pharmaceutical drugs; joint collaboration with Axon Instruments Inc
CellSim – new-generation tool to simulate GSM and CDMA mobile cellular networks offering fast solutions to complex network reconfigurations; developed with Telstra Research Labs
CENW – generic forest growth model based on link flows of carbon, energy, nutrients and water in trees and soil
CEP (CSIRO EvolutionProbe) – the second generation instrument that provides information about electrochemical reactions and surface changes on coated metal products affected by the thin films of moisture typically deposited as dew or rain
CERBERUS – airborne prospecting instrument – See Watchdog will spot underground riches, 1997 (Media release)
Ceres-Maize – software, computerised model of growth and development of maize – See Performance and application of CERES and SWAGMAN Destiny models for rice-wheat cropping systems in Asia and Australia: a review, 2003 (CSIRO Land and Water)
Cervigam™ – diagnostic test for TB in deer – See Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans
CHASM (Cone Handling Algorithms for Stockpile Modeling) software – See Optimising port terminal operations (Capability)
CHEMIX – an integrated multi-zone thermal and natural ventilation program for calculating hourly flow rates and air temperatures in complex buildings as a function of building construction, weather data and location and size of openings
ChemTax software – matrix factorisation program to interpret HPLC phytoplankton pigment data
CHENATH – simulation engine, for NatHERS software
Chicken interferon gamma – a new generation therapeutic for the poultry industry
CHIMAGE – data visualisation software package for chemical imaging via electron microscopes and microanalysis – See More access to million dollar microscopes, 2000 (Media Release)
Chlorine-Hercosett – product for the shrink-proofing of wool fibres
Cibafast W – protective agent against the effects of UV irradiation, mostly used for upholstery
Cienna – wine grape variety – See True Blue Reds (2001)
Circar4 – software; models arrays of circular and coaxial waveguides or horns with a finite number of elements; includes mutual effects of coupling; program to analyse arrays of different sized elements
Circly – software for road construction
CitiIlan – software, an urban land use/transport/environment interaction, modeling tool, can replicate existing cities
Cleansote – water in oil emulsion; licensed to Koppers Australia; also known as PEC (Pigment Emulsified Creosote)
Clever Clover – kit that uses clover and lucerne mulch crop to reduce amount of digging and soil degradation; available from Diggers Seed Club
Climate Change Vulnerability Index – software recognising that Australia’s eastern and southeast coastlines are the most vulnerable to warming sea surface temperatures
ClimateCam® a web-based greenhouse gas measurement tool; tells Newcastle residents how much greenhouse gas the city is emitting monthly – See also World award for greenhouse project, 2002 (Media Release)
Climex – software, predictions of climate of plant/animal distribution
CLIP Program (Complete Lifestyle Program) – a 6-week program to show how diet and exercise change can reduce cholesterol levels and now a book from Dr Manny Noakes and Dr Peter Clifton entitled The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program
CMML (Continuous Media Markup Language) – the groundbreaking technology behind Annodex™; it does for time-continuous media what HTML does for text; it allows the user to search, access, navigate and query – See At last: video search that works, 2005 (Media Release)
CMS (Corrosion Mapping System) – online corrosion mapping tool offers industry more accurate prediction of steel and galvanised products; distributed by Industrial Galvanizers Corporation (IGC)
CMWeb (Continuous Media Web) – a tool that activates links while viewing audio and video files
CO2Well – a model which predicts carbon dioxide flow in injection wells for the subsurface storage of carbon dioxide
Coal Face Ash Analyser – an instrument that differentiates between coal and look-alike sediments and estimates ash content of coal faces and stockpiles
Coalscan coke moisture monitor
Coalscan dual energy gamma-ray transmission (DET) ash gauge
Coalscan on-line carbon-in-fly-ash monitor for coal-fired power stations
Coalscan pair production (PP) ash gauge
CoalTrol – software, processing size/assay data; closed loop ash control – See CoalTrol (1991)
Cobalt bullets for curing coast disease and phalaris staggers – See Cobalt deficiency and the cure for coast disease
Coeliac Screening Kit – enzyme immunoassay kit (product code CSK-1) to screen for and monitor coeliac disease; distributed by Vital Diagnostics for Psiron Ltd (formerly Medical Innovations)
Cognizant Control Room – software part of Project Wedgetail, Australia’s airborne early warning and control program developed by CSIRO and Boeing and licensed by CSIRO to Australian company Semantic Sciences
Colana® – trans-seasonal yarn of superior handling and performance; developed by Rocklea – See Fibre science scores new sports fashion hit, 1999 (Media Release)
Colonoscopy Simulator – a device that enables trainee surgeons to interact with accurate computer-based simulations of the human colon using a modified clinical colonoscope and realistic haptic (force) feedback
Colony stimulating factors for cancer chemotherapy patients – See Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor discovery
Computer code supplied for modelling horn arrays – developed for Ford Aerospace, Palo Alto, USA – See AUSSAT-B and other antenna research
Contraband Scanner – a world-first; a neutron scanner that accurately and rapidly detects illicit drugs and explosives; to be used by Australian Customs Service
Controlled Atmosphere Cone Calorimeter – a unique small-scale fire test apparatus which is able to operate within a controlled atmosphere, meeting standard operating requirements, being used in pyrolysis studies assisting in the determination of fundamental material flammability properties
Controlled Temperature-Gradient Lamp – instrument, for atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometers; developed in conjunction with SGE International
Cool lightweight wool fabrics – the OPTIM™ process when applied to super fine wool gives fibres with increased surface lustre and allows fine yarns to be spun and woven into lightweight, silk-like worsted fabrics, suitable for shirts and women’s wear – See OPTIM™ fibre processing
CopyShield – anti-counterfeiting optically variable device (OVD)
CoreProfiler – Beta version software tool which profiles drill cores and chips
CosFlow – software, solves coupled 3D multiphase flow and mechanical stress deformation problems
COSMIC® – a carbonyl sulfide grain fumigant to act as a replacement for methyl bromide
CottASSIST – new and easier tools for cotton production; computer extension tools to help support the adoption of best-practice in cotton crop management; developed in conjunction with Cotton Catchment Communities CRC
Cotton Logic – software, integrates EntomoLogic and NutriLogic packages; incorporates a range of information on crop and soil nutrition and can interpret soil and tissue nitrate tests
Cottonscan – an instrument that precisely measures the ‘fineness’ of ginned cotton fibres by weighing and counting a sample of short fragments of fibre and then calculating the average fibre weight-per-unit-length, or ‘fineness’, using modern optics and high-speed computer-based image analysis techniques
Cottonscope – an instrument that automatically measures cotton maturity, directly and accurately, in around 25 seconds. In the field it is used to measure when a crop is mature enough for harvest, allowing for predictions of the ‘textile consequences’ of immature fibre on neps and dye uptake in fabric. In the spinning mill it enables more accurate prediction of nep creation, dye uptake and overall quality control when cotton bales are laid down for processing at the mill. A further benefit is the instrument’s ability to monitor the maturity and fineness of various cotton breeds to assist in the selection of better cotton varieties for the production of high quality fabric. Developed as Siromat technology and commercialised as Cottonscope by BSC Electronics Pty Ltd as a new startup company Cottonscope Pty Ltd
Counter Current Extraction equipment – for extracting juices from food materials by the counter-current extraction process; manufactured and sold by Bioquip Australia Pty Ltd – See Counter Current Extraction [PDF 520 KB]
Crest – software for crop growth modeling
CropMan – software, interface for a simulated database of crop performance under different soil types, weather and management to estimate potential crop yields using historical weather records; developed in collaboration with WA Dept. of Agriculture and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)
Crusader Rabbits – meat rabbit breeding program identifies best breeds
Cryotrap – device to measure tiny amounts of the fumigant phosphine; used in grain handling
CSIDA/CSIDAT – satellite for remote sensing through data analysis of earth, atmosphere and ocean surface radiation data
CSIRAC – Australia’s first computer
CSIRO9 GCM (General Circulation Model)
CSIRO Anode Coating – simple spray-on ceramic coating that reduces ‘air burn’ of carbon anodes used in aluminium smelters
CSIRO Conditioning Oven – equipment, drying of regain scoured wool
CsiroFire – software, predicts where a fire will spread and its level of intensity
CSIROID – software, timber identification using wood structure and anatomy
CSIRO King Probe – liquid water probe instrument; manufactured by PMS (Boulder, Co.)
CSIROMILL – software package that calculates timber recovery and models financial returns
CSIRO-ORSER – software for analysis of multi-spectral data
CSIROpod – technology enabling automatic receipt of audio and video files
CSIRO Regain Tester – air heater-mixer for rapid drying
CSIRO Trace – trace-element electron microprobe analysis strategy and software
CsirusBLAST – software, customised version of BeoBLAST; a collection of web pages and software packages (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)
CTM (Chemical Transport Model) – See The air chemistry model (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)
CUTS (Ceramic Update Tiling Services) – awareness service
Cyberoos – software, team of virtual software agents who play games (soccer) for RoboCup
CycDesign – software, generates optimal or near-optimal designs for wide range of experimental situations – See ER Williams, AC Matheson, CE Harwood, 2002, Experimental design and analysis for tree improvement
Cycloprothrin – the first designer insecticide


Cable Dowels – technology to stabilise the mass of rock in freshly created roofs of underground mines
Carbon dioxide deliming process – for full thickness hides after unhairing, reduces chemical costs and lowers ammonia and nitrogen in the effluent – See Tanning waste minimisation processes
Carbon fibre production using CSIRO’s patented wet spinning line technology. The wet spinning line machinery takes a sticky mix of precursor chemicals and turns it into five hundred individual strands of fibre, each thinner than a human hair. They are then wound onto a spool to create a tape and placed in massive carbonisation ovens to create the finished carbon fibre. For more information see Carbon fibre makes Australian debut – CSIRO.
Carbon nanotube yarns and sheets – a process for spinning pure carbon nanotube yarn into fibre for use in conventional fabric; this world first offers the prospect of producing textiles made of carbon nanotube yarns that are immensely strong and have exceptional ability to conduct electricity and heat
Cathodic sputtering technique – developed by Alan Walsh to enable solid analytical samples to be atomised without the need for prior dissolution; later proved of immense value in fundamental studies of radiation processes in atoms
CCE (Counter Current Extraction) technology – for extracting flavours from liquids
Ceramifying Polymers – a process that combines the properties of a polymer with those of a ceramic developed for use in fire-resistant electric cables
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling – See Models making a difference for mineral processors, 2009 (Media Release)
Chlorine-free sliver shrinkproofing process – for wool processors world wide
Chlorine Hercosett shinkproofing process – a procedure, developed in the 1960s, to prevent wool from felting and shrinking during machine washing; provides a simple method of treating wool for the manufacture of fully machine washable garments
CIPS (Calcite In situ Precipitation System) – a permeation grouting system to deliver calcite cement into porous sediments to increase soil strength and stiffness. The range of applications includes: in situ construction of columns and walls, coastal protection, restoration of eroded beaches, prevention of liquefaction in areas prone to earthquakes, the management and control of subsurface water to prevent acid rock drainage and the preservation of stone in historic and artistic sites and artifacts – commercialised by the start-up company Lithic Technology – See North-West Shelf gas platforms
CircoForm Process – steam reforming fluidised bed reactor system
Cloud seeding
ColdSpray Technology – an industrial coatings technology where a metal powder is sprayed with inert gas carrier at supersonic velocity, to build solid parts from scratch or to coat other substrates such as metals, plastics, ceramics or glass; eliminates the detrimental effects of high temperature on coatings and substrates experienced with thermal spray techniques
ColorClear™ – new bleaching/whitening process that uses ColorClear WB, a Rohm and Haas product to produce fabrics with a comparable whiteness to cotton and synthetics and to improve the competitiveness of wool-polyester fabrics
Continuous top dyeing process for wool
Convergent beam electron diffraction – developed by P Goodman (CSIRO Chemical Physics) and G Lehmpful (Fritz-Haber Institut, Berlin); now one of the most powerful of all electron diffraction techniques; wide application in the precise determination of symmetry and in structure analysis – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
CO-X-Gene – novel vaccine technology licensed to Virax by CSIRO and ANU
CRASO – new process for producing aluminium, originally called the ‘newal’ process but later officially changed to reflect CRA and CSIRO’s participation
CSEP process – a continuous ion exchange processing technology for the commercial manufacture of whey protein-derived food ingredients – See Dairy products for improved human health and Dairy researcher nets major CSIRO award, 2007 (Media Release)
CSIRO-CL Technology – innovative Cathode Luminescence strategy
CSIRO Solvent Degreasing Process – continuous method for commercial operators which removes dirt and suint in addition to grease
CustomCoat QP – solvent-free powder coating technology that can be applied to heat-sensitive plastics and cured at low temperatures; developed with Dulux Powder Coatings
Cyber-I – vision analysis for automated object identification and tracking
Cybernose – new ways to quantify the volatile organic compounds that give rise to much of the flavour and aroma of food and beverages
CycloSizer – technology for the rapid and accurate determination of particle size distribution within the sub-sieve range; licensed to Warman


CAAB (Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota) – continuously maintained and expanding 8-digit coding system
CARRS (Computer Automated Road Report System) – delivers information on traffic conditions customised to the driver’s planned trip
CAR-Sonde – portable stand-alone atmospheric sounding system
CAS (Collision Avoidance Systems) – help reduce, if not eradicate, mine vehicle collisions by a 360 ° proximity detection system for large haul trucks
Catchment Care – a new auction-based system for distributing funds to the community for natural resource management; conducted by CSIRO and Onkaparinga Catchment Water Management Board
CMSS (Catchment Management Support System) – software designed to provide long term, broad area prediction of the impacts of different nutrient management strategies on water quality in Australian catchments
Coalscan – on-line analysis instruments for the coal industry
Cold Spray – a clever coating system that allows metallic, non-metallic powders or a mixture of them, to be sprayed onto surfaces at supersonic speed and at much lower temperatures than current thermal spray techniques; can revolutionise manufacturing of printing rollers – See New printing technology to benefit the environment, 2006 (Media Release)
Corrosion Sensing Systems – sensor array and customised software that provides real-time information about metal corrosion and the atmospheric conditions that cause it – See Mini sensors to help in the fight against corrosion, 2006 (Media Release)
CRANOS – sewage treatment system that reduces demand on potable water supplies and provides an alternative water source to irrigate parks, playing fields, gardens, homes and for use in industry; commercially available through ACTEW Corporation Ltd
CRISS (Controlled Release Infusion Substitute Systems) – develop injectable surfactant-based delivery vehicles for chemotherapy drugs; with Soltec Research and F.H. Faulding & Co
CSEM (Controlled Source Electromagnetic) surveys – technology for mapping oil with dependable precision – See Exploring under the sea floor with OCEANMAG (Profile – Project)
CSS TCP (Computational and Simulation Sciences Transformational Capability Platform) – technology to develop new methodologies to analyse and exploit large and complex datasets. It is part of the international research effort in what is sometimes called ‘data-intensive computing’.