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By July 2nd, 2014

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‘R’ – software for statistical modelling and computing, scripts – See also Software Downloads (CSIRO ICT Centre)
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus Suspension – new delivery product for biological control of wild rabbit populations; suspension held and distributed by NSW DPI, Elizabeth Macarthur Institute – See Rabbits on the back foot – but naturally they’re fighting back, 2009 (Media Release)
RACOD Meter – for continuous metering of organics in waste water or sewage – See S.A. to manufacture world-first pollution meter, 1998 (Media Release)
RailTune – a tailored software package for the Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC), it is a mathematical solution to the significant problem of matching track monitoring signals between runs
RainCatch – software that evaluates current or proposed domestic rainwater supply systems including roof area and tank design
Rainforest Pearl – Finger lime varietal; a selection of Citrus australasica var. sanguinea
RainRisk – software for the assessment of the requirements for irrigation and drainage and wet weather risk to harvesting systems
RAM (Rotated Arc Mixer) – an instrument for chaotic mixing of thick fluids in either batch or continuous through-flow models – See Industrial mixer creates a stir (Solution)
RAMeX Heat Exchanger – a new generation heat exchanger (RAMeX) which offers lower energy costs, a smaller industrial footprint and more efficient heat transfer and mixing
RangePack Climate – drought management software
RangePack Herd-Econ – pastoral planning-eco software
Rangepack Paddoch – pastoral planning software
RankStats – statistical analysis and non parametric software for sensory evaluation
RAPSODY – software that assists with design and operation of remote area power supplies (RAPS) – See Lighting up Peru, 1999 (Media Release)
Raptor – software for flow modeling of wind over steep terrain
RateSetter – software that estimates operating costs on logging systems
Recaldent™ – a casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate ingredient, works to safely strengthen teeth by delivering calcium and phosphate (the building blocks of tooth enamel) in a unique soluble form to help remineralise the enamel. Recaldent™ is an active component in the Trident™ range of functional chewing gums marketed in Japan and the USA by Cadbury-Adams – See also Dairy products for improved human health
Recharge – product, recycled storm-water for bottled drinking water
Reditus™ – a dynamic design, pricing and trading tool for the finance industry – See also Reditus™ finance software (Solution)
ReefTemp – environmental management tool using satellite observations to provide daily updates of the risk of coral bleaching – See also Barrier Reef bleaching, 2007 (Audio)
Rees – drought tolerant wheat variety; developed in joint venture with GrainGene; commercialised by AWB Seeds – See also ‘Rees’ wheat gives more crop per drop, 2003 (Media Release)
RefLib – computer retrieval software system for scientific references
REGSOL – software for assessing thermodynamic activity of metallurgical slags
Relenza™ – anti-influenza drug active against all strains of influenza virus; designed using 3D structure of the influenza virus neuraminidase protein to guide the chemistry
Remote sensing computer software – developed by Andy Green to take the poor quality original digital data from NASA’s Landsat 1 and produce valuable first generation digital images suited to Australian situations. New ‘noise’ removal and contrast enhancement procedures yielded high-quality photographic products optimised for the display of geological information and provided the springboard for Australia to extend its use of satellite imagery into tasks ranging from mineral exploration, crop assessment and ecosystem mapping to monitoring overgrazing, erosion, flooding and bushfires – See Remote sensing
ResComp (Resource Competition) model – software to simulate the dynamics of vegetation cover
RESI – tree breeding program software
Resilin – a new biocompatible ‘rubber’ protein; a product with near-prefect capacity to recover, or bounce back, after stress is applied and extraordinary durability; copied from remarkable jumping power of fleas – See also Scientists copy flea power to create a perfect rubber, 2005 (Media Release)
ReVegIH (Re-Vegetation Impacts on Hydrology) – decision support tool, provides land managers and policy makers with advice on three aspects: (info) the best places to re-plant to minimise sediment loss; (ii) suitability maps for 38 tree and shrub species; and (iii) the ability to determine the impacts on water yields at the same time – See also Helping China re-vegetate the Loess Plateau (Achievement)
RiM-FIM (River Murray Floodplain Inundation Model) – a research and decision support software tool for environmental flow management in the River Murray – See also River Murray floodplain inundation model (Publication – General)
Ripple-Flo – grain mill equipment
RISKHerd – software, determines effects of different tax structures and policy instruments on the profitability
R-jet device – creates a high-velocity rotational jet inside storage tanks that re-suspends sediment
RoboSorter – Machine Vision System (MVS) sorting machine designed for Buderim Ginger, QLD
Rocket Science Line – product, milk protein extract MPF-1 which can replenish aged, sun-damaged or fragile skin; licensed to Beta Peptide – See Dairy farmer’s guide to increasing milk protein, 2006 (Media Release)
Roseanne – Democrat cross apple variety
Rostering Toolkit – an intelligence-driven ‘Smart Rostering’ software toolkit for handling workforce rostering problems
ROTAP (The Rare or Threatened Australian Plants) list – the list and associated coding system was developed and has been maintained by CSIRO since 1979; lists taxa that are presumed extinct, endangered, vulnerable, rare or poorly known at the national level
Rotary Classifier – an instrument that revolutionised the market for industrial separator screens; commercialised to RCR Tomlinson – See also New mineral separating technology helps reduce blinding, 2005 (Media Release)
Rotary Regenerator – heat wheel equipment which extracts heat from the exhaust air stream and transfers it to fresh air entering a building
ROVER (Robust Outdoor Vision-based Experimental Robots) – a hot metal carrier that can operate ‘autonomously’ around a site similar in layout to a smelter operation; uses vision as a primary sensor to navigate roads and obstacles and identify its location – See Smart vehicles to handle hot metal safely (Profile – Project)
RTSim (Rapid Transit Simulator) – simulation software to help developers of light rail systems optimise their networks – See Public transport of the future, 2004 (Media Release)
Rubienne – wine grape variety – See True Blue Reds (2001)
RumenSin Capsule – an anti-bloat capsule for the slow-release of magnesium/monensin; commercialised by Elanco Animal Health (Eli Lilly) – See Pastoral research lab jubilee – fuelling Australia’s ride on the sheep’s back, 1997 (Media Release)
Rumentek – protected nutrient feed supplements – See Less gas, more dollars from livestock, 2000 (Media Release) and Healthy Butter Spreads Better, 1999 (Media Release)
RVA (Rapid Visco Analyser) – rotational viscometer which assesses properties of starch in food ingredients; commercialised by Newport Scientific Pty Ltd – See ‘Miniature’ factory to improve dairy products, 2001 (Media Release)


RAFT polymerisation – a polymer technology which controls the variation of chain lengths during the polymerisation process; allows new materials to be customised to fit specific requirements, such as intelligent drug delivery, biocompatible materials, targeted personal care and cosmetics and additives to promote fuel efficiency
RAM and RAMex (Rotated Arc Mixer and heat exchanger) – an industrial mixer with the ability to mix thick fluids such as paints, foods, cosmetics or explosives; commercialised by Tasweld Engineering, with the assistance of the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre and the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing
Reaction bonding – a technique for bonding metals to ceramic materials; licensed to several Australian firms for the construction of devices such as thermocouple sheaths for use in industrial pyrometry and solid-state (zirconia) sensors for measuring oxygen concentration in gases – See Willis JB, 1987, ‘The CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics 1944-1986′, Historical Records of Australian Science, 7: 153-177
ROI™ (Resistivity from Oil-water Inclusions) – a technique used to determine water saturation in oil reservoirs


RANGEPACK – an integrated PC-based advisory system for improving decision-making in pastoral land management
RDMS (Remote Diagnostic and Maintenance System) – a reliable, fully automated system for the collection of water quality samples and data – See A remote automated water quality stream gauging system design (CSIRO Land and Water)
RIDES (Remote Immersive Diagnostic Examination System) – allows specialist surgeons to examine patients in another location in a comprehensive and realistic way – See Bringing specialist healthcare to remote areas (Profile – Project)
RNAi (RNA interference) – one of the most fundamental gene control pathways in cells RNA interference is guided by double-stranded RNA and works by degrading target single stranded RNAs
RoadCrack system – classifies 1mm cracks in road pavements from vehicles travelling at 105 km/h
RockBreaker – Telerobotic control system increases operator utilisation, availability and sustainability – See Controlling mines from a distance (Profile – Project)
ROES™ mining system – a low-cost, remote-controlled, non-entry mining system developed in collaboration with Orica – See also Researching metal mining solutions (Overview – Research)